How To Clear & Delete All Facebook Posts Without Deleting Account

Time is said to change a lot about things and people. What was fun and trendy 5 years ago doesn’t seem appealing anymore. We all have pasts, some we are proud of and others we’re not. Someone once wrote, “The internet never forgets”. This is somehow true if we leave traces to these past occurrences. It is however nice to erase some things we’ve done over time to free our minds the thought of such events. So if you’re at this point where you’ve posted so much on your social media wall and you don’t seem comfortable with the memories of such events, deleting your account and creating a new one isn’t as easy it sounds. You’re bound to lose contacts, conversation with many people as well as many other things you value on your account. However, deleting all posts one by one isn’t advised if you’ve got so many posts lingering on your wall.

Let’s say you’ve updated “what’s on your mind 2 times a day for the last decade. You would have made over seven thousand posts. How long do you think it’ll take you to delete these posts one after the other? Today, I’ll be showing you how to clear or delete all Facebook posts without deleting your Facebook account.

However, before you delete all the posts on your account, its only ideal to note that you can limit the audience on your posts. Yes, you can make your posts private if you still wish to retain the post but only deleting them because of the public eye. So, if you’re just looking for some privacy, follow the following steps;

  • Click on Settings from the dropdown on Facebook’s navigation header.
  • Click on the Privacy tab after the page finishes loading.
  • Within the Your Activity tab, click on Limit the Audience For Old Posts on Your Timeline.
  • The option would expand revealing the “Limit Past Posts” Click it.
  • After clicking the Limit Past Posts button, a pop up would come up with the warning that all your public posts will be converted to Friends only.
  • If that’s what you want, click on Limit Past Posts again and your public posts will only be visible to those on your friends’ list.

Note: You can make your future posts visible to anyone, friends only, or just you. Or choose specific people who can see or not see your posts. Tap Limit to automatically make past posts viewable to only your friends.

However, if you want to delete all your Facebook posts, you can do that using a browser extension. Before doing this, it’s advised to get a backup of your entire posts before deleting all Facebook posts. To get a backup of your Facebook posts, follow the steps below;

  • Go to your Facebook Select Your Facebook Information tab.

  • Click on Download Your Information. You can access this on mobile via Settings & Privacy > Settings > Download Your Information.

  • Select the time frame you want to get, select the format you prefer as well as media quality.
  • Click on the Create File Facebook would begin to compile your files.
  • This should take a while but when it’s done, you can now download your data.

It is however nice to note that this downloaded data cannot be uploaded back to Facebook in the future. You can only keep them for your personal use. If you’ve got a copy of your data and you want to take them out of the Facebook database with a click, kindly follow upon the following steps;

We would be using the Social Book Post Manager chrome extension to delete all Facebook posts.

  • Open the Social Book Post Manager on Chrome Web Store.
  • delete all Facebook posts
  • Click on the Add to Chrome
  • On the pop-up that shows, click on Add Extension. Your extension would be installed on your chrome browser.
  • After successfully installing the plugin, visit your Facebook
  • Click on the Activity Log button among the list of profile icons.
  • Click on the Social Book Post Manager extension icon in the top right corner of your browser.

  • Select parameters for what you want to delete. Parameters such as year, month, the kind of words it should search for, or the kind of words it should skip, etc.
  • Ticking the checkbox indicates that you want to review the results before it deletes it and vice versa.
  • Decide how quickly you want it to move through your posts.
  • After doing all the above, click on the Delete

After clicking on delete, it should start deleting your posts. However, you need to check just to be sure that the app is deleting all of your posts. Also, selecting a high-speed setting can cause the extension to skip over some posts. If you notice that the app is missing posts, then you should rerun the process and this time, at a lower speed.

Please have it in mind that once these posts are deleted, they can never be recovered.

How to Delete All Facebook Posts without any browser extension

While the method highlighted above works with a browser extension, you can likewise mass delete Facebook posts without any extension. Unlike the one described above, this one gives you the option to sort through the posts you’d like to delete.

  1. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner to visit your profile
  2. Scroll down slightly until you see the menu option appear in the left-hand corner of your screen
  3. Filter by Month, Date, and Year
  4. Tap on the three dots next to each post
  5. Click ‘Delete’
  6. Confirm

How to delete all Facebook Posts On Your Mobile Device

Besides deleting all Facebook posts on a web browser with or without a browser extension, users can likewise delete all of their Facebook posts and updates via the daily mobile driver. The steps vary depending on your mobile OS, but largely, they are similar on both Android and iOs devices.

Delete all Facebook posts via Android Phone

  1. From the Facebook, application tap the three lines in the right-hand corner
  2. Tap on your name at the top
  3. Next to the blue “Add to Story) button there is a grey button with three dots; tap it
  4. Scroll down to Manage Posts
  5. In the top left corner, you can tap “Filters”
  6. Select the date, posted by, and tagged options to filter your posts
  7. On the right of each post is a bubble, tap that
  8. Tap the trash can in the lower center of the screen

Delete all Facebook posts via iPhone or iPad

  1. Fire up your Facebook IOS app, then tap on the three lines in the lower left-hand corner of the Facebook App
  2. Tap on your name at the top
  3. Tap on the three dots to the right of the “Add Story” button
  4. select “Activity Log” from the same menu
  5. Look up to the top right-hand corner of the Activity Log, Filter posts by Year, and Category
  6. Once the filtered options appear,  tap the three dots next to the post you’d like to delete
  7. Tap “Delete” and confirm

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