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How to Cancel Your Peacock Subscription and Change Plans

If you’re like me that enjoys testing every new thing in the block I’m guessing you took the Peacock offer at their launch in April. As usual, subscribing is a lot easier than unsubscribing. Right now, you’re wondering how to cancel your Peacock Subscription and Change Plans. No matter how big a start-up is, it… Read More »

How to set up a Houseparty account

Wondering what Houseparty is or you just want to have an account? Houseparty is a social networking platform that allows group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps. The Houseparty app uses a split-screen to make multiple video-chatting easy between multiple users, adding in a feature that allows for secret chats among participants. On the… Read More »

How to Reset or Change Your Amazon Password

Forgotten your Amazon password or maybe you’ve mistakenly leaked your passwords online? This is a guide on how to change/ reset your Amazon password. If you’ve ever been locked out of your house because you were careless with the keys, you’ll know its got a similar feeling with forgetting your password. Passwords on the web… Read More »

How To Cancel Amazon Order

So you’ve placed an order for a product you thought you needed and you’ve changed your mind? I’m guessing you’re wondering How To Cancel Amazon order and save that cash. is a multinational e-commerce platform with its head office located in Seattle. Although its focus is on e-commerce, Amazon also offers cloud computing, digital… Read More »

How to Turn On or Off Subtitles or Closed Captions on Roku

So you’ve got Roku all connected and functional and now you’re wondering, how to see subtitles of the movie you’re watching. Here’s a quick guide on How to Turn On and Off Subtitles or Closed Captions on Roku in collaboration with Netflix. First things first, Roku is a set of digital media player devices produced… Read More »

How to create a poll on Facebook

Ever since Facebook opened up to the general public in 2006, the network has served more purposes than just keeping connected. These days, most businesses and individuals use the platform to connect with customers as well as other brands. Brands are built to its best, reviews are taken. Speaking of reviews, a poll is a… Read More »

How to factory reset Android devices

So recently your android device began to misbehave. Freezing unnecessarily, lagging, crashing apps, etc. Most issues on an android device can easily be fixed by rebooting the device. However, there are moments when resetting an android device becomes necessary. This how-to factory reset android devices guide was compiled for such moments. According to Statista, Android… Read More »

How to Change Your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) in Zoom

So your zoom Meeting was meant to be private but you’ve been zoom bombed. Having unnecessary participants joining the meeting. Worse still, you’re unaware of How to Change Your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) in Zoom. Welcome, This step by step guide is for you. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service where you can meet… Read More »