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How to change Google Assistant Voice

Over the years, Google Assistant voice has become somewhat iconic, people can easily hear it and associate with it because it hasn’t been changed. People have become so accustomed to it that some don’t know that you can easily change the default voice that comes with Google Assistant; hence I took it upon myself to… Read More »

How to watch HBO Max on Apple TV app

HBO Max is just like any other streaming service out there like Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc where you pay money in order to have access to their services. HBO Max is available in Apple iOS, Apple TV, Google’s Android, Android TV, etc. If you own an Apple TV, and you want to enjoy the services offered… Read More »

How to Enable Wifi calling on your iPhone

Wifi calling is a feature in iPhones that lets you call and receive calls even when the cellular network is not available. So if you are just curious and want to learn how to perform this action or your iPhone does not support sim cards and you still want to be able to make calls… Read More »

How to View Private Instagram Accounts

Instagram lets you own private accounts, which prevents other viewers who don’t follow you to have access to your contents except they decide to follow you and you approve. There are a lot of private accounts on Instagram and most times we don’t want to follow all of them but at the same time want… Read More »

List of Samsung TV that supports Disney plus

Presently, Hollywood’s giant to stream everything it produces is Disney plus and, in this article, I’ll be presenting you with a list of Samsung TVs that support Disney plus. It might interest you to note that Disney plus services are not free and cost about $8 a month or $80 per year in the US.… Read More »

How to turn off Discord Notifications

If you recently downloaded the Discord app and joined a channel and due to this your phone always pops up with notifications all the time and you are wondering if it’s possible to turn off notifications on your Discord app? In today’s guide, I’ll be showing you “How to turn off Discord notifications.” According to… Read More »