Beer52 – Monthly subscription, How to Pause and Cancel Subscription

Beer52 are one of the UK’s finest beer Subscription Company that sends you different types of beers every month for your pleasure. Beer52 was established in 2013 in Edinburgh, Uk. They have different types of options for their customers to choose from. These options offer their customers to buy 8 bottles of beers per month for £24 or £29 for 10 bottles of beer. Alongside with both options, a copy of Beer52 magazine, ferment, and some snacks are included in the subscription. The standard mixed box comprises different kinds of beers which you are given the opportunity to choose either light or hard beers.


Available subscription in Beer52

Beer52 have different subscription options which vary in prices, numbers of drinks, and tax, I will be explaining all the different subscriptions available to customers.

There is an 8 pack monthly subscription which includes 8 bottles of beers at the rate of £17.01, a ferment magazine for £4.99, a snack for £2, VAT at the rate of £2.84 which will all be delivered free, all at rate of £24 per month.

There is also a 10 pack monthly subscription; this includes 10 bottles of beer at the rate of £22.01, a ferment magazine for £4.99, a snack for £2, VAT at the rate of £3.67 which will all be delivered free, all at rate of £29 per month.

12 pack monthly subscriptions is also available, it includes 12 bottles of beer at the rate of £27.1, a ferment magazine for £4.99, a snack for £2, VAT at the rate of £4.50 plus free delivery, all for £34 per month.

All subscribers are given options to choose whatever preference they want, you can choose either, “light and happy” or “mixed or unusual” drinks. However, a subscriber can decide to be on 3, 6, or 12 months plan and therefore receive the preordered packages in due time.


How to subscribe on My Beer52

It is very easy to enjoy any of the subscriptions offered by beer52, Just log on to www.beer52.com, click on the get started button, fill in the appropriate information required, such as your billing information, address. Then you select what type of subscriptions that suit you. It is very easy and straight forward way to get started with beer52.


Can I Pause My Beer52 Subscription?

Yes, it is possible for you to pause any beer52 subscription you have opted in for, anytime, any day. You might want to take a break or feel like you are consuming too much of beers or other reason, Beer52 have an option to pause your subscription. However, if you are planning to pause your subscription for more than a month, it requires you to send a mail to Beer52 support@beer52.com, their support team will be able to help you extend your subscription or better still, suggest a better plan that will suit you.


Steps On How To Pause Subscription

To pause your account for a month,

  • Login to you  Beer52 account

Beer52 login

  • Click on your profile picture at the top right of your screen.

  • This will reveal the drop-down menu where you can select ‘Subscription’.

  • Once on the subscription page, just scroll down and click on ‘Pause subscription for 1 month”.

You could send a message to support@beer52.com if you want to pause it for more than a month.


How to Cancel A Beer52 Subscription

Beer52 runs a fair and flexible beer subscription company that allows you to cancel your subscription if you want to. Every subscription is billed every 28 days, if you would want to cancel your subscription you will have to notify Beer52 at least for 3 working days before the next billing date, so as to avoid been charged for your next billing (to check your next billing date, logon to your beer52 account, it is always on the top corner).


To cancel your subscription is very easy and straight forward, all you need do is to place a call to Beer52 customer service on 0131 285 2684, and all your request will be attended to be an expert. Calls can be attended to by the beer52 team between 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday of every week. NB due to present COVID-19 pandemics, it’s possible you experience some delay while putting a call through, be patient you will be attended to shortly.



To postpone deliveries on beer52, you are to send a mail to support@beer52.com or 0131 285 2684 to speak with a customer representative to assist you in postponing the package to whatever date you want it.


In this article, we have discussed how you can cancel your subscription on beer52, how to pause your subscription for as long as 6 months and how to postpone deliveries of your packages all in a simple way.


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