BVN Enrolment & How to Link it to Other Bank Accounts

First of all, before we talk about BVN enrolment and link to other bank accounts, what is BVN? There are so many people especially in the interior parts of the country, who today, still doesn’t know what BVN is or stands for.

It’s not really a problem though, as we are here to serve that purpose. BVN is a banking and financial term that means Bank Verification Number. It is a security initiated policy to safeguard customers’ account from unauthorized access and fraudsters.

BVN enrolment

Several years ago, February 14, 2014, to be precise, the Central Bank of Nigeria in collaboration with all Nigerian financial institution launched Bank Verification Number (BVN).

With the increasing incidents of compromise on conventional security systems (Password and PIN), there is a high demand for greater security for access to sensitive or personal information in the Banking System.

So since then, it has become a necessary requirement for operating a bank account in Nigeria, as you can’t make any withdrawal or some other kinds of transactions on your accounts without validated BVN. Below are some of the key reasons that initiated or called for the enrolment of the BVN;

Key Reasons or Enrollment of BVN

  1. Through BVN, your account is secured and protected from unauthorized access and fraudsters.
  2. Through BVN, you encounter a certain level of speed, as it helps to fast-track services at all Nigerian bank branches when you transact with it.
  3. It makes for easy tracking of all your transactions in any bank.

There are other reasons for BVN, but the above are the main reasons for its establishment and enrolment. It doesn’t end there though. To get your BVN, you need to enroll, and below are the enrolment processes;

How to Register for BVN with your Bank

Fill and submit the BVN enrolment form, according to the bank you operate. You can visit any of your bank branch and get the form. You can also download it online and register duly.
At the point of submission you will need to provide a valid means of identification, which could be any of the following;
International Passport
Drivers’ License
Voters’ Registration Card
National ID Card

After the submission, you will get a notification either as a text message or in your email confirming the successful registration and showing your Bank Verification Number (BVN).  However, you have to set about linking it to other of your bank accounts. See the steps below;

How to Link your BVN to your Bank Account & Others

It all depends on the bank you operate with. Each bank has a particular number or code you text to. Hence, it is necessary you contact your bank to get the necessary code that can allow you text to them as regard linking your BVN to your account or you go to their online site and fill the form provided before you summit. However, to enlighten you on the steps, we have outlined the following using that of the First Bank details;

Option A: Text BVN#account number#BVNCode to 08076664444 e.g BVN#2345678932#22147733260

Wait for few minutes, you would receive a text message stating your BVN has been successfully submitted for processing.

Option B: Go to https://bvn.firstbanknigeria.com/form/
fill the form and submit.

We have also decided to serve you better by giving you a rundown of the different banks enrolment systems. Check them out below;

BVN enrolment

For First Bank

To register, you need to:

Fill and submit the BVN enrolment form. You can get the form at any First Bank branch or you can download it here.
At the point of submission you will need to provide a valid means of identification, which could be any of the following;
International Passport
Drivers’ License
Voters’ Registration Card
National ID Card

To Link Your Bank Account

Visit any of the First Bank branch to link your BVN.

For Zenith Bank

If you have enrolled for your BVN with other Nigerian Banks or authorized third party, to link your BVN details to your Zenith Bank account, kindly do any of the following to ensure your account is updated;

Via Internet Banking:

Login to internet banking
Click on Account summary on the left pane
Click on BVN update
Enter your BVN and click submit

Via Zenith Direct:

Download BVN update form (click here to download the form)
Fill it out
Mail to zenithdirect@zenithbank.com
Call our 24/7 contact Centre on +234-1-2927000, or +234-1-2787000

*966# EazyBanking (SHORT CODE):

Dial *966*YourBVN# from the GSM number on which you receive transaction alerts (Individual Naira account only)

Via Zenith Bank Website:

Go to www.zenithbank.com/bvnupdate
Enter your Zenith [NUBAN] Account Number
Enter your BVN
Enter the provided Security Code and click Validate
On successful validation enter your token details to update and activate your account

For Access Bank

How to enroll for BVN

  1. Visit any Access Bank branch and complete the enrolment form.
  2. Your biometric data (fingerprint, photograph and signature) will be captured on the system.
  3. You will then receive a Ticket ID
  4. BVN will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Link BVN to Bank Account

Already have a BVN? Link your BVN to your Access Bank account.
You can link your BVN to your Access Bank account through the following methods;

Via Website


Simply text BVN, your account number and BVN number to 20121
e.g. BVN 06812345678 22498765432 to 20121

Via Internet Banking
 Login on the Internet Banking platform
– Select the Service Requests Menu
– Select Initiate Service Request
– Select Link BVN

For ECOBank

  1. Call bank 24/7 on 0700 500 0000
  2. Send a mail to ENGContactcentre@ecobank.com
  3. Chat with their Customer Care Executive on our website www.ecobank.com or via your EcoBank Mobile App
  4. Chat with us via WhatsApp on (234) 808 760 3717 is it the nearest EcoBank branch.

Already registered with another bank, and forgot your BVN? Simply dial *565*0# on your registered phone to retrieve your BVN and send to them.

For UBA (United Bank for Africa)

  1. Dial 9196# on the mobile number linked to your account and follow the prompts
  2. Visit any UBA Bank branch to get your BNV link if you already register with another bank.

UBA BVN Registration Requirements

Means of identification (international passport, voter card, national identity card, driver’s license) with clear picture, a completed enrollment form.

For Fidelity Bank

Update your BVN/Email instantly on your mobile phone. Absolutely no need to go to the bank or get stressed over your BVN. The simplest way to update your BVN and email details without going through the challenges that accompanies visiting the bank directly are as follows;
To update your BVN, dial *770*02#

For Polaris Bank

You can link your BVN to your Polaris bank account in the following ways;

  1. PolarisXperience
  2. A call to the Yes Center Call:
    0700-POLARIS (0700-7652747)
    0806 988 0000
    01 448 2100
    01 270 5850
  3. Email:
  4. A visit to any of Polaris bank branches

For Sterling Bank

If you are a Customer that already has a BVN from other Banks, simply;

  1. Walk into any designated Sterling Bank Branch
  2. Submit details of existing account together with BVN at the branch
  3. Verify your BVN by fingerprint or facial capture at the branch
  4. Your BVN will be updated with your existing accounts with us after verification.

For Standard Chartered Bank

  1. Online Banking: log in to your Online Banking and send a mail by clicking on the “Contact us” button
  2. Email: send an mail to Nigeria@sc.com
  3. Branch: Visit the nearest Standard Chartered Bank branch
  4. 24-Hour Contact Center: call +234 1 270 4611-4

For Union Bank

Simply link your Union Bank account with your BVN number via Union bank website using account linkage tool here;


For Stanbic IBTC Bank

Link your Bank Verification Number received from other banks to your Stanbic IBTC Bank accounts. Click here; www.stanbicibtcbank.com/bvnsubmissions to link your BVN to your Stanbic IBTC Bank account.

For Keystone Bank

  1. To LINK your BVN from other banks to your Key Stone Bank account, simply click on https://global.keystonebankng.com/bvnenrollment/submitbvn.aspx
  2. Then, Input the BVN
  3. Input your Keystone Bank Account
  4. Click the Submit button

For Heritage Bank

To link your BVN number to the above bank, simply copy the link to your browser. https://bvnreg.hbng.com/BVNReg/BVNRegister

For Wema Bank

You can link your BVN via their website portal. Copy and paste the link to your browser: https://apps.wemabank.com/bvn/

For First City Monument Bank (FCMB)

Option A. Dial *329#, select self-service, select link BVN to link BVN

Option B. send your BVN number and account no to customerservice@fcmb.com

Option C. Visit any FCMB branch to update your BVN.

For GTBank (Guarantee Trust Bank)

You can Link your BVN to your GTBank Account in five different ways, they include;

  1. BVN Linking Process via 737 BVN Linker. To link your BVN via 737, simply dial *737*20*BVN#
  2. BVN Linking Process via Internet Banking.

Log in to Internet Banking
Select BVN Linker from the left-hand panel
Click on New Request
From the drop down menu, insert your Bank Verification Number
Select the Nigerian Bank where your BVN was Issued
Answer your Secret Question and continue

  1. BVN Linking Process via the BVN Portal on the Website

Input your GTBank Nuban and click Verify Account Number
Select the Nigerian Bank where your BVN was Issued
Input the BVN number obtained from another Nigeria Bank
Click on Submit
Please visit www.gtbank.com/bvnlinking to link your BVN.

  1. BVN Linking Process via ATMs

Insert GTBank ATM Card
Select BVN Link on the transaction menu screen
Enter your 11-Digit BVN
Confirm your BVN details
Submit your BVN

  1. BVN Linking Process via SMS

To link your BVN via SMS , simply text your BVN details to 08076665555
E.g. BVN <01234567890> to 08076665555

Jaiz Bank

Contact via Phone: +234 708 063 5500 | +234 708 063 5555

OR walk into any of the branches to get your BVN link to your bank account.

Here we go then! We have succeeded in giving you a rundown of the various processes towards your compulsory BVN enrolment (Bank Verification Number), as well as how you can easily link it to your other banks of operation.

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