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7 Best Android Browsers With Built-in VPN

Have you been looking for a browser that protects you from the prying eyes of the public when surfing the net? Look no further, in today’s guide I’ll be introducing you to the 7 best android browsers with built-in VPN.

Before I go ahead to list the 7 best android browsers with built-in VPN you need to know what a VPN is and why you need to hide your Internet activities online.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (also known as a virtual private network) is a network that allows its users to create a secure network to another network over the Internet. In simple terms, you can say that a VPN tends to give its users anonymity on the Internet and it does this by masking their true IP address.

Now you know what a VPN is, the question becomes, “why would anyone want to achieve anonymity online?” Well, there are several reasons why people choose to use VPNs when surfing through the net and you’ll get to find out more about that in the next paragraph.

Why do people use VPNs?

There are several reasons why people choose to use VPNs when surfing the net and in this section, we’ll be looking at a few of them.

  • To bypass restrictions

If you regularly surf the net then you must have come across a few websites that you have been denied access to simply because you are not located in a particular region at that time. Well, with VPNs that wouldn’t be a problem at all as all you have to do would be to connect to a server located in that region and you’ll be granted entry into the site because the VPN will mask your IP and make it seems like you are actually browsing from that area.

  • To gain anonymity online

You might wonder, why would anyone want to achieve this? To answer this I’ll be sitting an illustration. Now, imagine someone who is trying to rob you, in order for the person to achieve this they’d have to follow you to know the location of your house before carrying out the robbery. Well, the same is true in the online space, if a hacker can trace your IP it’d be much easier for them to be able to hack your computer and no one would like having their computer hacked especially when private and important information are stored within. Hence, using a VPN actually prevents such a situation from happening because it can hide your true location making it difficult for hackers to be able to get to you.

  • To protect yourself from being logged while torrenting

Torrenting in its actual sense is not a bad thing as it can be used to lessen the load on centralized servers and it does this by sharing the hosting burden among users. It becomes illegal when you use torrents to download files that are protected by copyright which could range from movies, music, games, and even software. Sometimes, people do this without knowing that it’s wrong. Hence, people use VPNs to prevent themselves from being caught or logged while torrenting.

The list doesn’t end here as there are several reasons why people choose to use VPNs while surfing the net. At this point, you now have a fair knowledge about what VPNs are and why you should use them while surfing the net.

7 Best Android Browsers With Built-in VPN

When you browse about browsers that come with built-in VPNs you’ll find a lot of browsers that carry this functionality. Hence, selecting the best from all these browsers is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But lucky for you, we have gone through the stress to select the 7 best android browsers with built-in VPNs.

  • Opera Browser


Opera is a multi-platform browser that is developed by Opera Software. Opera is a chromium-based browser and this simply means that it uses Google’s free and open-source codebase to make browsing on the app feel lightweight and fast.

The Opera Browser is free, this means that you don’t need to register or pay any additional fees in order to use the app and amongst other things, it comes with a built-in VPN.

In order to use Opera’s VPN feature, all you have to do is download the app and navigate to Settings, where you can activate the VPN. Opera is commonly used because its VPN services are not limited and that goes to say that you can use their VPN services as much as you’d like. Secondly, the app is ad-free and it also gives users the option of selecting a virtual location in America, Europe, or Asia.

  • Tenta Private VPN Browser

Tenta Private VPN Browser

Tenta Private VPN browser is a mobile-based browser that has a highly secure approach. And just like the Opera browser, it also comes with a built-in VPN functionality but unlike Opera, it does have some limitations i.e., not all locations on the VPN are free and to access some, you’d have to pay for it. One feature that makes the Tenta Private VPN browser special is that its VPN service can be used within and outside the app.

To use the Tenta Private VPN browser feature,  all you should do would be to download the mobile app on your device and then tap on the Tenta icon. Once you do that, you can now select VPN browsing and start enjoying its VPN service. Asides from using the Tenta browser’s VPN functionality, you can also choose to lock your browser using a PIN, which supports no tracking, DNS customization and you can also screenshot restrictions.

  • Aloha Browser

Aloha is a Web browser that was developed by Aloha Mobile limited, a company based in Limassol, Cyprus. The Aloha browser also comes with a built-in VPN functionality that is free and can be activated with a single tap.

Aloha’s VPN functionality, allows users to hide their IP addresses while on the net, has unlimited traffic, prevents DNS leaks and it does not keep or stored activity logs. With this browser, you can have access to VPN servers located in areas such as America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Even though you can have access to all these locations while using the free version, you won’t be able to select the location you’ll be connected to. Hence, in order to have control over the locations you want to connect to, you’d have to upgrade and start using the paid version.

  • Tor Browser




Tor browser is a browser that gives users anonymity when using the Tor network which protects your identity online. Tor Browser doesn’t function like the average VPN browser rather it has an objectivity that lets you use the VPN. Tor Browser has a unique way of protecting your identity, and it does this by routing your traffic through an open-source Tor network that has multi-layered encryption.

When you use the Tor browser, some of the benefits you enjoy include data identity protection, access to censored and unsupported websites, and prevents tracking. The Tor browser can be used for free and you don’t have to worry about bandwidth limitations.

  • Epic Privacy Browser

Epic privacy browser is a privacy-centric web browser that is developed by Hidden Reflex, a company based in the US (Washington, DC) and India (Bangalore). The Epic privacy browser also uses the chromium source code just like Opera.

Unlike most VPN browsers, in order to use Epic’s browser VPN feature, you’d have to download it as an extension. When using Epic’s VPN service, you’ll be allowed to connect to servers in the US, India, France, Germany, UK, Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore. Interestingly, you can have access to all these locations for free coupled with unlimited bandwidth. Additionally, it also has a no-log policy and if you should decide to use this browser’s VPN then you can download their VPN extension from Epic’s extension store by selecting Mobile extensions on the Homepage.

  • Cake Web Browser

Cake web browser, is a swipe-based browser developed by Cake Technologies Inc. Cake web browser also comes with a built-in VPN functionality that features no tracking, free and unlimited VPN service, password protection, and a private tab time bomb.

Even though the VPN service on the Cake web browser is free, you won’t be allowed to have access to all its features except you upgrade and start using the premium (paid) version. When you start using the paid version, you’ll now be able to select a server of your choice. To use Cake’s VPN service, all you have to do is to tap on the shield icon found at the top of your browser.

  • AVG Browser

The AVG browser is yet another browser that comes with a built-in VPN functionality. AVG’s VPN service has servers located in over 30 different locations and also includes features like the multiple privacy browsing mode and device-wide support.

AVG’s VPN service comes in two modes which are, the free and the paid mode. You can use the VPN services on the free mode but you’ll be limited until you upgrade to the paid service, only then will you have access to all its services without limitations. To use AVG’s VPN service, all you have to do is to download the AVG browser on your device and afterward activate the VPN service by tapping on VPN browsing.

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