Analyst predicts Chinese companies will become leaders in 5 Key areas tech field soon

China won’t only romp home to victory in the trade war ignited by the Trump administration, but will also become a leader in key areas according to a recent analyst report. The prediction comes directly from Canalys CEO Steve Brazier predicted that within the next three years, Chinese companies will assume a leading role in five key technological fields as he rightly pointed out that the current trade disputes with the United States have stimulated local innovation within the communist Economy.

Steve Brazier believes that artificial intelligence, smart cities, 5G, 10 billion calculations, and microcredit are key areas for future development. He noted that a number of Chinese firms are already leaders in some of these areas, even though most westerners tend to underestimate them.

He added that China’s innovation has accelerated and will become glaring for the World to see in three to four years. A case in point is Huawei’s reduced dependence on US components in smartphones and base stations occasioned by the ban by the Trump administration.

China already announced its ambition to become the global leader in AI research by 2030, this may believe it would put the US in tight corners, especially if the Federal Government continues to cut funding for basic science and technology research.

Canalys predicts that the number of connected devices (covering everything from smartphones to cameras to robots) will almost double from 16.7 billion in 2018 to 32.3 billion in 2023.

These devices will generate large amounts of data, and Brazi said that the data needs to be managed, stored, and backed up using disaster recovery procedures.

AI has become mainstream in 2019, but he believes the bet placed has not been successful. However, small initiatives including chatbots, translators and speech-to-text are working.

He suggested using AI to increase human capacity by providing faster information to increase productivity.


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