How to add your Business to Google maps

Do you own a business that has a physical address? Would you like to add your business to Google Maps? Then you have come to the right place. In today’s guide, I’ll be teaching you how to add your business to Google Maps.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a software application owned by Google. Google Maps is a web mapping platform that offers aerial photography, satellite imagery, street maps, street views, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for users who intend to travel by foot, car, train, air, and public transportation.

Why do people add their business to Google Maps?

Statistics have shown that Google Maps is being used by more than a billion people every month worldwide. Today, there are several ways through which one can advertise his/her business. Hence, it comes as no surprise that people would choose to use Google Maps as a business strategy to either grow their fan base or have more customers.

What are the benefits of adding your business to Google Maps?

Adding your business to Google Maps comes with a lot of benefits and I’ll be listing them below:

  • People can easily find your business through Google Maps.
  • People can easily contact your business through Google Maps.
  • Google Maps encourages potential customers to visit your website.
  • Google also displays your business with images which helps people locate your business easily.
  • Google Maps helps other people gain trust in your business by showing them reviews made by other customers and also gives them the opportunity to write a review about your business.

What is Google My Business and why do I need it?

Google My Business, in simple terms, is just an online platform that lets its members manage how they want their business to appear on Google Maps. Before you’d be able to add your business to Google Maps, you’d have to an account with Google My Business because it’s not possible to add your business to Google Maps without one.

Now you know what Google Maps is and the benefits you stand to gain when you add your business to Google Maps, the only left would be teaching you how to add your business to Google Maps. Continue reading to learn how to do so.

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How to Add Your Business to Google Maps

Before learning how to add your business to Google Maps, the first step to take is to check and confirm if your business is already listed. If it is, then you don’t need to add it anymore but if it’s isn’t, follow the set of instructions outlined below to learn how to add your business to Google Maps.

  • Create an account with Google My Business. If you already own an account with Google My Business, you can skip this step.


  • Sign in to your Google My Business


  • Click on the hamburger (the three horizontal lines) icon found at the left part of your screen. Doing this will reveal a menu.


  • On the menu, scroll down and click on Add new location.


  • A box should pop up prompting you to input your business name. Type in your business name and click on Next.


  • Another prompt will pop up asking for your business location. Input the name of the country where the business is located, the street address, city, Pincode, and state. Once you are done, click on


  • Based on the information provided, Google will bring you to a map where you’ll be required to place a red pin exactly where your business is located. Avoid making mistakes at this stage as it could confuse potential customers.


  • Once you are done, you’d be required to type in your business category (the type of business you are running), your phone number, and your website. At this stage, sometimes the information is pre-filled and that’s because the data was extracted from your Google My Account. You can choose to edit it if there are any changes other than that, click on Next.


  • Finally, you’ll need to verify your business because Google needs to be sure that you are truly the owner of the business. There are several methods you can choose from, pick the most preferred verification method and wait for the pin to arrive. Once it arrives, input the pin into the account to successfully verify your business listing.


Once you have completed the verification process, you’d realize that your business has gone live and you have learnt how to add your business to Google Maps.

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