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A 192MP Smartphone is Reportedly in The Works, Guess Who’s Making it?

The Megapixel war among smartphone makers is getting messier by the day. Just when we thought we already saw the peak with a 64MP camera sensor on smartphones, Xiaomi and Samsung took reignited the war further with the launch of a 108MP sensor on smartphones. Admittedly, not a lot of devices have been shipped with the 108mp sensor, but that doesn’t stop device makers from forging ahead. There are reports of the impending launch of a smartphone with a 144MP camera sensor. While the sensor has yet to be made official, Samsung already released a technology promising 144MP image sensors based around the 14nm FinFET process.  As if that isn’t already a killer, a new report from out of Korea suggests its rival – LG might be working on a camera sensor (192MP smartphone) that will eclipse the said 144MP sensor.

The report first seen on Weibo via leaker Digital Chat station reveals that LG mobile is working on a 192MP smartphone. The leaker further revealed that more information about the said device will be in the open in the coming month. While revealing more details, the leak says the unknown 192MP smartphone from LG will come equipped with the SM7250 (Snapdragon 765 series), which obviously means we aren’t dealing with a flagship-level smartphone.

The Snapdragon 765 became official earlier this year, with Qualcomm highlighting that the chipset comes with support for 4K video capture and up to 192MP sensors. And as highlighted by Xdadevelopers, the chipset only processes 192MP photos without ZSL at that resolution, so don’t expect smartphone makers to ever allow you to capture full 192MP photos. Qualcomm did state that camera vendors are working on image sensors with these ultra-high megapixel counts, though.

192MP smartphone

While LG has yet to release any official statement, there are indications it might be the first OEM to release a 192MP smartphone. More information regarding the upcoming LG device should be in the open in weeks to come.

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