How to Fix Crashing Apps on iPhone & iPad

In summary, if an app on your iPhone or iPad doesn’t work as expected, or they keep crashing, try this. Close and reopen the app. Restart your device. Check for updates. Delete the app, then redownload it. Just like every other device, it’s possible for your iPhone and iPad apps to crash. Have you been… Read More »

How to Enable Wifi calling on your iPhone

Wifi calling is a feature in iPhones that lets you call and receive calls even when the cellular network is not available. So if you are just curious and want to learn how to perform this action or your iPhone does not support sim cards and you still want to be able to make calls… Read More »

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

It is possible to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone through several means. The most common and less cumbersome options are using the Move to iOS app, using your Google account, and sharing (via email) the VCF file of your contacts. A less efficient approach, which is also time-consuming is transferring the contacts via SIM… Read More »

How to Disable Private Browsing on iPhone

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to disable Private Browsing on iPhone. Our interest is to describe the procedure or steps on how to disable private browsing on the iPhone so that it becomes impossible to even toggle the Private button on and off. The Private browsing mode on your iPhone is a feature that… Read More »

How to Turn On Location Services on iPhone

We shall give quick steps on how to turn on Location Services on iPhone, using a couple of features available on the iPhone The Privacy Settings and Location Services combine to protect your Apple iPhone from various security threats. Privacy settings in the iPhone give you some degree of control over which apps have access… Read More »

How to Delete Multiple Contacts at Once on iPhone

Ever wondered How to Delete Multiple Contacts at Once on iPhone? Annoyingly, the world is progressing fast but not iPhone’s core apps. Anyone with a mobile device would agree that as time passes, contacts get obsolete. People loose devices, friendships die off, service personnel switch services they offer. For iOS lovers who move from one… Read More »

How to hide apps on iPhone

At some point, we’ve all installed one app we don’t want anyone touching our devices to see. It might be a game you’re trying to restrict kids from playing. For the ladies, it might be a diary or the monthly guy calculator if you know what I mean. Anyways, it doesn’t matter which app it… Read More »