5 best firebase alternatives 2021

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This article will briefly discuss the five best firebase alternatives and what they offer. With that said, let’s dive right in.


Did you know that there are over five firebase alternatives? Firebase is a cloud-based platform developed by Google to provide tools and features creating mobile and web applications. It was an independent company founded in 2011. But in 2014, Google acquired the platform, and it is now their flagship offering for app development. Firebase offers developers several tools for web and mobile app development and has a reputation for providing tools that can help developers create scalable applications.


Currently, Firebase dominates the back end as a service (Baas) market, providing backend development services to over. This platform has become a key component of Google’s mobile strategy offering a sophisticated array of services. However, there are other tools out there that you can use instead of Google’s Firebase. While these tools may not give you all the features of Firebase, they offer you as many sophisticated functions as you may need to get your development work done. Firebase offers Realtime Databases (NoSQL), REST API, Scalable hosting, Analytics, Test Tab, Machine Learning. The pricing model for Firebase is in two phases. They have the free tier and the pay-as-you-go version.


This article will briefly discuss the five best firebase alternatives and what they offer. With that said, let’s dive right in. Here we will talk about the 5 viable Firebase alternatives:

  • Back4App
  • Parse
  • AWS Amplify
  • Backendless
  • Game sparks

Others are

  • Firehose
  • Deployd
  • Atmosphere
  • Hasura
  • NHost
  • Game Sparks
  • Kuzzle
  • Hoodie


5 Firebase Alternatives


Back4app is an open-source backend development tool that functions based on the parsing framework. Developers use it to speed up the development of scalable web and mobile apps. Like Firebase, Back4app offers Scalable Database (SQL or NoSQL), APIs (GraphQL and REST), Cloud Code Functions, Authentications, Notifications, File Storage. Back4app offers three pricing models:

  • Free Tier
  • Shared hosting at $5/month
  • Dedicated hosting at $250/month

Back4app is a fully managed backend as a service solution that comes with automatic scaling. It helps developers to easily optimize and customize each of their applications differently which is the distinctive aspect of back4app. It is one of the most used options among app developers. Back4app is one of the five firebase alternatives to choose from.


Parse is the most used open-source framework to develop the application backend. Unlike Firebase and the other five firebase alternatives, parse offers a spreadsheet-like database. Developers speed up app development using Parse and get their app running within a short time. Parse offers functionalities that include a spreadsheet-like database, APIs (REST and GraphicQL), Push Notifications, Social Login, and Automatic Emails. Parse is free to download and offers no hosted version. A large community of engaged developers supports and maintains the platform. Parse has undergone several evolutions since 2016. It offers a great alternative if you want to develop on an affordable budget and fast.


AWS Amplify

Aws Amplify is one of the most widely used backend-as-a-service platforms. It offers secure and fast development for backend developers. With Aws Amplify, users can experience quick access to their resources and advanced functionality. Aws Amplify Authentication, GraphQL and REST APIs, Datastore, Analytics, Notification. Aws Amplify also offers the free tier and the pay-as-you-go for the paid version. The advantage of this platform is that, like Firebase, it is highly scalable. It is much more advanced than all the other five firebase alternatives.



Backendless is another scalable Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS). The “M ” in theMBaaS stands for mobile.  Backendless provides multiple features that developers would find useful during app development; these features include user authentication, live audio, and video streaming. Other backendless features include message filtering, push notifications, auto-scalability, Data persistence, file storage, geo-location. They also have Visual Programming, real-time database, API Services Notifications, and Hosting. The pricing model comes in two phases. The first one is the free tier, and the second is the paid plan starting at $25/month. Backendless is the only platform among the five firebase alternatives dedicated to mobile.

Game sparks

Game developers would find this platform very useful. Game Sparks is a cloud-based backend development platform that’s specially dedicated to game developers. It offers you tools and features that help you develop sophisticated server-side components for your games without the need to build them from scratch. One of the most impressive features of this platform is that it is completely open, scalable, and customizable. It also offers several social messaging features which give players an opportunity to engage. Of the five firebase alternatives, Game sparks is most optimized for game developers.




These are five alternatives that you can opt for if you don’t want to use Firebase. However, these firebase alternatives complement each other in various ways: The options of hosting, pricing, deployment, user engagement, etc.

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