How to Install an APK on an Android TV

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on an Android TV

Have you recently purchased an Andriod TV? Do you want to install an app you can’t find on Google PlayStoreand you don’t know how to go about it? Then, you have made it to the right blog post because, in today’s article, you’ll learn how to install an APK on an Android TV.

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There isn’t much difference between your Android TV and Android smartphone – you can see your Android TV as a 55″ or 45″ (depending on your Andriod TV size) version of your smartphone. This means that you’ll be able to install all the apps available on Google PlayStore and use them on your Andriod TV.

Unlike Andriod smartphones, Android TVs have a lot of sanctions against using apps that are not on the PlayStore. This means that it’ll be much harder to install the apps you have on your mobile device that you didn’t get through the PlayStore. Lucky for you, in this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to install an APK on an Android TV.

What is sideloading?

Sideloading can be defined as the process of installing apps that are not available on the Google PlayStore using third-party websites.

With sideloading, you’ll be able to download the apps you can’t find on the Google PlayStore but you won’t be able to use them after downloading, why?

As I earlier said, Andriod TVs are strict on the sanctions placed on apps that are not found on the Google PlayStore so even if you manage to download them, you won’t be able to use them because you won’t find the app amongst the list of apps you have installed on your TV but lucky for you, there is a way around it. Continue reading to discover how to install an APK on an Andriod TV.

How to Install An APK on an Android TV

The apps you downloaded from third-party websites are now saved in your Andriod TV but the problem is you can’t see them due to the sanctions placed on third-party websites app downloads.

There are various ways to go about solving this problem so I had to try different methods to come with a method that’ll be straightforward and less tasking for you to carry out, hence, we’ll be installing those apps via an app known as “wireless file manager”.

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You’ll be able to use this app to view the apps you can’t find on your Android TV and lucky for you, this app is available on the Google PlayStore.

Without further ado, let’s dive into how to install an APK on an Andriod TV using the wireless file manager app.

Wireless File Manager App

In order to be able to use this app to view apps downloaded from third-party websites and apps, follow the detailed steps outlined below:

  • Download the app you can’t find on the Google PlayStore from the third-party website or app.
  • Now, open your PlayStore app, input into the search bar Wireless File Manager and press Enter.
  • Install the Wireless File Manager app.
  • Open the app and follow all the prompts to grant the app permission.
  • Select Allow.
  • Go ahead and tap on Start Wireless File Manager.
  • Once you do that, it’ll show you a URL. Input the provided URL into a Web browser that’s connected to your network. Make sure that the PC you are using is on the same network as your Andriod TV.
  • After inputting the URL, go to Choose File and upload the APK file to the Wireless File Manager directory.
  • Select Send.
  • Now go to your Andriod TV and open your File Explorer in the Wireless File Manager app.
  • Finally, click on the now visible file APK to install it on your Andriod TV.
  • In order to successfully install the APK on your Andriod TV, endeavor to follow all the prompts.

If you carefully follow the steps outlined above, congratulations! You have successfully learned how to install an APK on an Andriod TV.

Note: You don’t have to go through this tedious process if the app you are looking for is already available on the Google PlayStore. Just go ahead and download it from the PlayStore and you’ll be able to easily install it just as you can easily download it from the app.

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