How to change Instagram password: A complete Guide

By | March 19, 2021

We recently shared with you a detailed guide on how to recover deleted Instagram posts. The guide makes use of the Facebook-owned Instagram recently deleted feature. Now, we have come up with a detailed guide on how to change your Instagram password in simple steps.

Why Change your Instagram Password?

There are several reasons you might want to change your Instagram password. First, it might be that you recently shared your Instagram password with a friend or colleague, or just maybe your password has been compromised. As a general rule, it is advised you do a routine password change not just for your Instagram account, but also for other online accounts. This way, you are sure of better account security.

Changing your Instagram Password is quite easy and straightforward, whether you are using the Instagram web, Android, or iPhone Apps. Before we delve into how you can change your Instagram Password, it is pertinent we point out that you choose a unique password and strong password. It is also advisable you do not use the same password for two or more different online accounts.

Like Webroot puts it, Passwords you can’t remember are of no use, while those that are too easy to remember can be easy to guess or to ascertain with a brute-force attack. What then makes a unique and strong password you may ask?

What then makes a unique and strong password you may ask?

As a general rule, the longer a password is, the better. That makes it quite difficult for anyone to guess. If you are changing your Instagram password, we recommend you use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, as well as symbols. Your password should also be devoid of any dictionary words, while also ensuring it has no ties with your personal information.

How to Keep Your Instagram Password secured

First, off, it is advisable you refrain from using the most commonly used password like the word Password, name, date of Birth as well as short words that are so easy to decipher. To keep strong and secured Instagram Password, we recommend you :

Don’t reuse your passwords. – This keeps your password unique and applicable only to one online account. The key is to use different passwords for different sites or accounts.

Don’t write your passwords down– This can be tempting though, but doing so increases the chances of exposing your password to a third party. So we suggest you use short and memorable passwords.

Use a password manager – Whether or not they are safe is still very much arguable. However, this has proven to be better off than writing down your password somewhere in a note.

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How to Change Instagram Password

Now, if you have finally settled for a unique password, here is how you can change your Instagram password in few steps. The steps highlighted below include steps you can take to change your Instagram Password both on PC, Android app, and of course, the iOS app.

Changing your Instagram Password on both iOs and Android apps essentially requires the same process.

To begin, open up your Instagram app on your iOS and Android device

Tap on your profile picture at the bottom right of your screen.

Tap on the three Horizontal lines – i.e the hamburger icon on the top right corner.

Then click on settings

Click on Security

And then Password

You will then  be required to enter your current password, followed by a new and unique password of your choice

Change your Instagram Password

Cross check to be sure you are okay with the new password, then, tap Save or the tick icon at the top right of your screen, and your password has been successfully changed.

How to Change Your Instagram Password on the Web

  1. Go to on your preferred web browser.
  2. As usual, click on your profile icon in the top right corner.
  3. Then tap the Settings icon.
  4. And click on “Change Password”.
  5. Enter your current password
  6. Then enter your new password twice.
  7. Hit the change password option to effect the change, and you are done.

How to Reset Your Instagram Password

Changing and resetting your Instagram Password are two different things. While you are still able to log in to your account if you are changing your password, resetting your password on the other hand means you no longer have access or you are unable to login into your account. If you have forgotten your Instagram password, your best bet is to reset the password either using your linked Facebook account, your email address, or your phone number.

For Android and iOS users, resetting your Instagram account requires you to;
  1. Open up your mobile app,
  2. Navigate to the login screen.
  3. Then, click on ‘Get help signing in’ (below Log In), or alternatively click on Forgotten password
  4. Click on ‘Use Username or Email’, ‘Send an SMS’, or ‘Login with Facebook’, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. You will get an OTP if you opted for the send SMS option, while an email will be sent to you if you opted for the email option.
  6. The email and OTP codes are required to enable you to create a new and secured password.


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