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Hisense TV is a smart TV that comes with many features that combine to produce a wonderful viewing experience at any time. Users of the smart TV can connect to the internet to watch a live event on a video site or a social media feed, and do many other exciting things. And in the previous post, we brought your way how to Delete cache and Data in Hisense TV. So in today’s post, we will ake you through how to Install Amazon Prime on Hisense TV.

It is possible that some users of this smart TV, they may discover that the TV did not have a pre-installed Amazon Prime app that would enable then to watch Amazon Prime videos on the TV. The problem is made more difficult due to the fact that there is no Play Store through which you can download the app. If you find yourself in this scenario (especially for older versions of the smart TV), then follow our discussion on how to install Amazon Prime on Hisense TV, and an easily implementable solution will be provided for your problem.

Android Version: Install Amazon Prime on Hisense TV

With an Android operating system, the newer versions of Hisense TV has app support for the Amazon Prime video app. You can easily download the app from the Play Store on your TV and enjoy prime videos from Amazon anytime you desire.

  • Open the Google Play Store from your Hisense TV.
  • Search for the Amazon Prime Video app.
  • Pick the Amazon Prime Video app and start downloading it.
  • After completing the download, proceed to install the downloaded app on your Hisense TV.
  • You can now open the Amazon Prime video app on your smart TV. You will be prompted to log-in with your Amazon account, so as to be able to watch videos of your choice.
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Older Versions with no Play Store: Install Amazon Prime on Hisense TV

You can install Amazon Prime on Hisense TVs that are older versions by following the steps listed below.

  • Open your personal computer or laptop and open a compatible browser for the task (preferably Google Chrome).
  • Using your browser, visit and search for Android TV optimized Amazon prime video, which is then downloaded directly on your computer.
  • Next is to load the primevideo.apk file into your external USB memory device.
  • Connect the USB device to your Hisense TV and proceed to open the primevideo.apk file.
  • Follow the prompt and initiate the install process which installs the required app.
  • Once installed, the Amazon Prime video app will become visible on your apps list, which implies that you have been able to install Amazon Prime on Hisense TV.

Watching Amazon Prime Videos on Hisense TV

For the newer versions of Hisense TV, you can easily watch videos from Amazon Prime via the installed app on the smart TV. However, for older Hisense smart TVs, you must log in to your Amazon account via your smartphone and then mirror your phone via the installed app on the TV.

How to Install Amazon Prime on Hisense TV: Conclusion

In this article, we have provided the steps on how to install Amazon Prime on Hisense TV, whether for the newer Android OS TVs or the earlier ones, which do not have the Android OS. While you can stream Amazon Prime videos directly via the Android OS TVs, you can only do a mirror of your hand-held Android device, when using the older version Hisense TVs.