How to Change or Reset Your Disney Plus Password

By | January 19, 2021
Change Disney PLus password

Do you own an active Disney Plus account? In this article, we shall discuss how you can reset or change Disney Plus password.

Disney Plus is a subscription video-on-demand premium streaming service owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company in the United States. The video streaming service was launched in November 2019 and is estimated to have over 86 million users by the end of 2020. The monthly subscription to Disney+ is $7 per month or $70 per year for the base subscription to only Disney+, while a special value bundle exists at $13 a month that covers ESPN+ and Hulu, in addition to Disney+. The service at present covers the Americas, parts of Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

The Disney Plus platform allows for multiple profiles so that you can share your access with a few other persons or via different devices. This may become problematic after some time if you do not have any idea of the number of persons that may have access to your account, and it becomes necessary to change your Disney Plus password.

If you want to change your Disney Plus password, it is a very straightforward and simple process. Another scenario that may lead you to change your Disney Plus password is if you had forgotten your password on the platform.

How to change Disney Plus Password

  1. Log in to your Disney Plus account.
  2. Click your Profile icon and select ACCOUNT.
  3. Next, click on CHANGE PASSWORD. Enter your current password and the new password you have chosen.
  4. Click SAVE.

Once you have done this, then you will have to log in again via any device you intend to use to access the service, and no previous users under your account will continue having access to the service, except you provide the new password to them.

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How to Reset Disney Plus Password

If you want to reset your Disney Plus password, the following steps will help you accomplish the task seamlessly:

  1. Visit the Disney Plus website and select login on the Welcome page.
  2. Provide your email address you used to register on the platform.
  3. Select the CONTINUE option and then pick FORGOT PASSWORD?
  4. Go and check your email account to retrieve the 6-digit passcode sent to you as a result of your request. This may take up to 15 minutes in some instances, so you may have to wait for a while. However, if you did not receive the email, go ahead to check your Spam folder. If you still cannot find the message, select RESEND to send the code to your email afresh. If you still are unable to retrieve the message containing the code, you have to escalate the issue by contacting their Customer Service through phone, chat or any of their social media handles.
  5. If you received the mail, then enter the 6-digit Verification Code.
  6. Enter a new password of your choice.
  7. Then select CONTINUE.

You have thus been able to change Disney Plus password for your account. We note that The Walt Disney Company employs a unified and single registration system, meaning that you have a single Disney account that is associated with your email and can be across several of the digital products on offer with Disney. Therefore, once you enter the verification passcode sent to you, your account sign-in details on all the platforms will be immediately updated.


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