How to Find and Delete Your Siri Search History?

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Siri search history

We shall now provide a simple explanation of how to find and delete your Siri search history, having activated and used the Type to Siri feature for some time.

Siri is a virtual assistant that is critical of several Apple operating systems. It uses a wide array of features including voice queries, gesture-based control, focus-tracking, and a natural-language user interface to answer questions posed by Apple users, make recommendations, and perform several other actions using a smart protocol via the internet. The Siri search software is capable of adapting to your individual language preferences as you continue to interact with it. Read Also – How to disable Siri search

Siri has been evolving over time to become a truly remarkable virtual assistant. The rollout and updates of iOS 14 have seen Apple introducing some changes to Siri, including modifications to the way you view its search history. Previous versions of the Siri assistant made it possible for the user to view previous Siri searches and delete such searches as he deems fit.

How to find and delete your search history: Should I delete my Siri search history?

Many users of this virtual assistant are not aware that their Siri searches are even stored, while others may rush to want to delete the Siri search history without understanding the steps and processes.

The two major reasons why users may want to delete their Siri search history are:

  • You may desire greater privacy and hence want to clear the history of your voice searches using Siri. In actual fact, your iPhone sends data to Apple whenever you require the service of Siri, so if you desire that such data exposes your privacy, then you can decide to clear such data/ history of Siri searches.
  • Siri is a smart virtual assistant who learns from the hundreds of data you provide while interacting with him, so as to serve you better and give you tailor-made services. So, the Siri searches are stored to enable it to learn about your speech pattern, so as to serve you better. A user may wish to reset this stored data so as to enable Siri to relearn and master him in a better manner. This is common especially for users who are finding it very difficult for Siri to understand their voice commands.
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Type to Siri feature

With the advent of iOS 14 and its updates, iPhone users are now unable to view Siri voice search data, although it is still possible to view your written Siri search queries. However, the written Siri search history is only available when the option ‘Type to Siri’ is enabled. You can enable the Type to Siri feature by holding down the Siri activation button in place of making a voice query to Siri. Therefore, if you do not have this feature enabled, there will not be any Siri search history available to you. But you can easily activate the Type to Siri feature. Follow these steps:

Turn on Type to Siri

  • Go to Settings by opening the Settings app on your device.
  • Swipe down to the Siri option on the list.
  • Tap on the Siri icon (blue button) to highlight that the feature has been activated.

Once you have activated the Type on Siri feature, then instead of making voice queries to Siri, you instead type your questions.

How to find and delete your Siri search history

We shall now provide a simple explanation of how to find and delete your Siri search history, having activated and used the Type to Siri feature for some time.

  • Activate Siri by holding down the Siri activation button (the side button or Home button for older models than iPhone X).
  • Then swipe down.
  • Scroll down the list that is shown on the screen to view your recent search history using the Siri virtual assistant.
  • You may decide to delete your Siri search history by then opening the Settings app.
  • Click the option Siri & Search.
  • Next click on Siri & Dictation History.
  • Then, Select Delete Siri & Dictation History, and confirm your selection by tapping the option at the bottom of the screen.

We note that Siri gets better as it interacts more with the user, so deleting the search history limits the ability of the assistant to train itself better to assist you. So caution is the word when you decide to find and delete your Siri search history.

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