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The Apple Watch provides a lot of exciting features that make this smart wearable device a must for anyone desirous of undertaking a robust and dynamic fitness regimen and monitor his vital health statistics on a regular basis. The gadget has even become more important in this pandemic era, as a number of studies have shown that the Apple watch can reveal changes in the body system that may be indicative of the presence of the coronavirus in the body, up to 9 days before actual tests are done to establish its presence.

In this article, we shall explain how to change Watch face on Apple watch via several options available to the user. Indeed, it is possible to change or personalize your Apple watch face with any version of the watchOS, although changing the watch face on watchOS 7 or higher (and correspondingly with iOS 14 or higher on your iPhone) provides the most compelling user experience.

Update your WatchOS First

In order to take full advantage of the latest watch faces available in the current watchOS, you need to update your Apple watch’s operating system to the latest version. The following steps will bring you up to speed with the latest version of the watchOS before you proceed to change watch face:

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and touch General.
  2. Then tap Software Update. The app may notify you that your software is up to date or download the latest version of the OS for your smart wearable device.

Change watch face of Apple watch among your existing watch faces

You may decide to change watch face of your Apple watch for various reasons including variety, greater display options, and functionality, and so on. You may like certain watch faces for certain exercise of fitness program you are undertaking and would need to switch between watch faces when you have finished a certain program.

If you want to switch watch faces from the gallery available in your smartwatch, you simply swipe left or right to go through all the watch faces available on your device and settle on any choice of yours. You stop when you have gotten to the watch face of your choice, and the chosen watch face becomes the current watch face on display on your smartwatch until you swipe it again.

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Change watch face of Apple watch by downloading the watch face of your choice

You can easily add a watch face of your choice, or indeed download the latest watch faces that you can then be able to access through your face gallery on your Apple watch.

  • After you have opened the Watch app on your iPhone, click the Face Gallery button to reveal an array of the latest faces available for download into your Apple watch. The new watch faces occupy the top rows while other watch faces are listed thereafter.
  • Touch the face you intend to install and click the Add button and wait for the installation process to be completed.
  • Next, tap your My Watch icon in the lower part of the screen.
  • Continue swiping the watch faces until you get to the end of the list, which is the recently installed watch face

Use the App Store to get watch faces

Watch faces are now available from different third-party developers for various apps available from the App Store. Thus, many Apple Watch apps provide an array of different watch faces that can be easily chosen and added by the user. However, many of these watch faces are not free and would require the user to subscribe or make a one-time payment for the service, although there are several others that are free. So if you want to change your watch face from the gallery available on the app store, the following steps will help you accomplish that seamlessly:

  • Open the App Store either via your iPhone or directly through your Apple watch.
  • Tap on the Search icon, type the words watch faces, and hit the enter button.
  • Download any app that suits your needs and open it to select the specific face you want, after which you should add it to your gallery of watch faces.

It is also possible to change the color of a particular watch face without changing the watch face itself by tapping on the watch face and picking the color and style of your choice. The same process can also be used when you are adding a new watch face to your gallery.

So, we hope to have given you enough tips to help you change watch faces on the Apple watch without any hassles. It is a very simple and quite straightforward process.