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turn off Auto-Correct on iPhone

How to Disable or Turn off Auto-Correct on iPhone and iPad

Disabling the auto-correct feature in your iPhone or iPad may be few clicks on the go. Oftentimes, getting the right information or guide is ideal for getting the thing fixed. Having your phone’s auto-correct turned off certainly means that it was in one way or the other irritating. Either the case, if you really want to turn off auto-correct on iPhone or iPad, this write-up will be of immense help as I will encapsulate all that should be carried out in disabling auto-correct feature on iPhone and iPad.


Basically, the auto-correct feature was introduced by Apple into their keyboard so as to help the phone’s users type with certainty and limit typing errors. That sounds incredible in principle, however, it doesn’t generally work appropriately. This implies that there might come a time that the auto-correct feature will work improperly thereby causing an annoying situation.

Sometimes, autocorrect embeds a word that you didn’t intend to type or makes a “correction” you would not like to make. Individuals who type in specific languages other than English which is the primary language of the feature, find autocorrect exceptionally irritating. This is mostly one major reason iPhone or iPad users seek to Turn off Auto-Correct on iPhone or iPad.

In actuality, contingent upon the language, having to auto-correct in your phone can make it difficult to type a sentence effectively in that specific language. Since this is becoming a hitch for many users, how about we investigate how to disable/ turn off auto-correct on iPhone and iPad?

How to Disable or Turn off Auto-Correct on iPhone and iPad

Are you tired of your iPhone or iPad auto-correct feature typing mistakes? This might be the time to finally get rid of this issue of “fixing” typos when they’re actually correct words, names, places, or terms. If this is the case, then you should consider turning off auto-correct, which is easily fixed in Settings. Here, we will explicate more on how to completely turn off Auto-Correct on iPhone

turn off Auto-Correct on iPhone

Here is a rundown of how to turn off auto-correct on iPhone and iPad:

  • The first step to do is to navigate to your “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad. When you get there, tap the “Settings” icon on the iPhone or iPad. Note that irrespective of the phone type, this process is similar for both devices.
  • When you get to the Settings, scroll down to the “General” section. This is done in Settings on iPhone or iPad, after tapping “General.”
  • In General, tap “Keyboard” and wait for the following view.
  • On opening the Keyboard settings, scroll down to the “All Keyboards” sections, and you will see many keyboard settings for your phone. Tap the switch beside “Auto-Correction” to turn the feature off.
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That’s all! You can now go back to your main screen and continue typing without annoying incorrect corrections. After getting this done, it simply means that all of your typos will come through without interference. Nonetheless, don’t worry—no one will know you turned it off. If peradventure you intend on getting it on in the future, you can follow these steps and enable the auto-correct feature once again on your iPhone and iPad.


Why Does Auto-Correct Feel So Irritating?

At some point while using your phone keyboard with autocorrect on, you may get frustrated with the woes of the feature. Typically, when your iPhone or iPad corrects a word automatically, it’s giving way to both a dictionary and a predictive text algorithm that learns from how you type.

This gives suggestions for the auto-correct to fill in for your typing. The odd thing here is that the dictionary may not include every proper name, acronym, or new term as it appears on the scene, so it becomes frustrating when auto-correct changes the correct thing.

Another case is on the off chance that you misspell a certain word frequently enough. At this figure, the predictive text algorithm will learn that typo, for it to begin “fixing” correct instances of a word or term when you may not be needing.

How do i Re-Enable Auto-Correct feature On iPhone and iPad?

Re-enabling the Auto-correct feature on your iPhone is quite straight forward. All you need to do is:

  1. Navigate to the “Settings” app on your device
  2. visit “General” followed by “Keyboard”
  3. slide the switch next to ‘Auto-Correction’ into the ON Position


Wrap Up

Finally, the auto-correct feature is now turned off! This article provided a guide on how to disable this autocorrect on iPhones and iPads. Even as this method is just the basic setting, there are some advanced ways for disabling auto-correction features in your phone. This includes methods such as attempting to retrain the algorithm or adding custom shortcuts, but sometimes the easiest and the most preferred way to deal with auto-correct woes is to completely turn it off. We believe this article gave you a guide on how to get this done.