Top 4 Apps Every HR personnel Should Be Using

By | November 7, 2020
HR Personnel

The job of an HR professional is never easy. They have very limited resources and time to spare and have to work under a lot of pressure. An HR professional has to keep track of employees’ performance, recruit new people, implement changes, and deal with any sort of HR problem that arises in the company. This is a lot of work, and HR personnel can easily get overwhelmed by their job. However, there are so many apps out there with the help of which you can manage these tasks with much more convenience. Let’s have a look at a few of the apps that can make the job of HR personnel easier.



If there is one person in the company who has to stay in touch with every employee, it is the HR personnel. With the help of Slack, the HR personnel can make inter-company communication much more convenient and simple. Slack will not only allow the HR personnel to stay in touch with everyone but will bring other employees together as well. The app allows you to create different communication channels, which means the HR can communicate with different teams in different groups. That way, no one will ever miss out on an important piece of information.

Soda PDF

Another thing that HR personnel has to deal with a lot is paperwork. Especially when it comes to hiring a new recruit, the HR personnel have to ensure that they get all the required documents from them to keep a record. However, when you have to manage all these documents, it can get quite messy, and if they are not organized properly, you can lose track of them. This can be avoided easily with the help of Soda PDF. With the help of its pdf merge feature, you can convert all the employee documents into a single file. Soda PDF also allows you to edit and convert PDF documents into word and excel files, which can also be quite useful.

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HootSuite is a social media management app, and every HR personnel should have this on their laptops and phones. The HR personnel has to update the company’s social media pages regularly, but updating every social media account one by one can be time-consuming. Thanks to HootSuite, you do not have to update every social media separately anymore. All you have to do is post the status or picture on HootSuite, and it will be posted on all other social media platforms automatically.


HR personnel also need to make sure that the employees are productive for the company’s sake. Finding out how much an employee is spending on a certain task is now possible with the help of Toggl. It’s a timesheet app that keeps track of the work hours and automatically generates a report for HR to see. The report is uploaded directly to the cloud, and after analyzing it, the HR personnel can better understand how to manage time and resources.

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