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By | September 9, 2020
So if you've subscribed to the service and you’ve got some amazing shots you’ll want to take on the app, here is how to take screenshots on Quibi

Wondering how to take a screenshot on Quibi? Yeah, I get it, taking a cute looking photo of an actor or actress, probably your favorite character isn’t a bad idea. Apart from that, there are several reasons why anyone might want to take a screenshot on Quibi. Probably to send to a friend, make a meme, or even for technical causes. However, Quibi’s development team didn’t see the process of taking a screenshot on their app as something to favor them.

Although Screenshots, memes, GIFs, and other small excerpts are essentially forms of advertisements. They at Quibi prefers to rely on organic engagement as Screenshots are created by overlays. Allowing screenshots on the app would potentially allow users to screen record Quibi shows for possible piracy broadcasting.

So if you’ve tried holding down the volume and power buttons and getting an error message, that is because Quibi doesn’t allow its users running screen grabs. However, since the screenshotting feature doesn’t work the standard way you’d screengrab anything else on your phone, there’s still a way for you to take screenshots. In this article, I’ll be showing you how to screenshot on Quibi.

Quibi is a mobile-based streaming platform for short scripted and non-scripted content. Quibi was designed to provide on-demand streaming of contents on mobile devices. It has mobile apps for Google’s Android and apple’s iOS operating systems. Since Quibi is a subscription-based service, it’s available plans are the $4.99/month and $7.99/month for ads free streaming.

Quibi offers unique content that it aims to protect. Hence disabling screen overlays on the app. Thinking of taking a Quibi subscription? Quibi offers its new subscribers a 14 day free trial to its service. After your 14-day free trial, your subscription would be billed automatically. So if you’ve subscribed to the service and you’ve got some amazing shots you’ll want to take on the app, here is how to take screenshots on Quibi.

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Steps to Take Screenshots On Quibi

Need to take a screenshot on Quibi, the following steps should help you.

  1. Open your Quibi app
  2. Pick a show to stream
  3. while watching the Quibi video, press and hold the screen, then slide over and release to take a screenshot of that screen.

Note; The first time you try taking a screenshot On Quibi, you will be required to allow Quibi access your device camera. This gives the app permission to save the screenshots on your device.

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