How to delete a VRV account

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delete a VRV account

If you found this page from a search result, I’m guessing you’ve crawled looking for how to delete a VRV account. Amazingly, if you’ve gone through the VRV’s Terms of Use, you’ll notice that Ellation Inc. says it is possible to delete a VRV account. Although they stated that you may terminate your account any time you want and for whatever reason you choose, deleting a VRV account isn’t such a straightforward process.

Navigating their website is somehow unhelpful as there are no in-platform steps on how to delete a VRV account. Although there isn’t an in-platform button to get this done, you can still delete your VRV account easily.

VRV is an OTT streaming service offering the best of anime, animation, gaming, comedy, fantasy, and technology to U.S. fans in one platform. VRV offers its users premium access to a hand full of contents at only $9.99 per month. The service is owned and managed by Ellaton Inc. and does its best to keep its users entertained.

However, there are a couple of reasons why users discontinue a service. The service might be making your internet service expensive for you if you use your mobile internet service not Wi-Fi at home. Probably, the VRV’s library isn’t as impressive as you’ll want it to be or you’ve got a better offer from another streaming service. Irrespective of the reason, here is a guide on how to delete a VRV account on any Internet-connected device.

  1. On any browser of your choice, click on this link. You should be directed to the VRV’s ‘Submit a request’ page. You may choose to log in to your account before you start or not – it is not necessary.
  2. From the ‘Please choose your issue below’ drop-down, select the ‘Account’ option from the list of options. The page should now reload revealing a list of input fields.
  3. Type the email address that that is associated with the VRV account you want to delete in the “Your Email address” field. Note that this is the most important step to deleting your account.
  4. In the “Subject” text field, type ‘Account Termination’.
  5. Lastly, in the “Description” box, input a simple, concise and straight forward message to make your request, something like the message below would work the magic.
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I would like you to delete my account as I no longer require the services due to “you state your reason”. Thanks.

  1. You can now skip the “Channel” and “attachment” options and click on the yellow ‘Submit’ button. You should now be redirected to the VRV’s help page with a message at the top right corner of your screen indicating:

Your request was successfully submitted!

You should now receive a follow-up email from the VRV’s support team as soon as possible. Keep checking your email for VRV’s reply as they may have other requirements directed to your inbox.

Now you know how to delete a VRV account so easily, why not go ahead and fill the form requesting the deletion of your VRV account? Have a question or contribution, be sure to leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to update you.


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