How to enable RCS messaging on your phone

By | September 15, 2020
enable RCS messaging

So you love using the Android OS however, you love the rich communication services that come with the iMessage on iOS platforms. The good news is with this guide, you’ll learn how to enable RCS messaging on your phone. Mobile devices have appreciated the function of SMS since the 1990s it came into play. With the trend today, it is slowly becoming boring and considerably outdated as most people who enjoy messaging also want it spiced up.

The RCS messaging is just the guy for the job as it turns your text messaging app into a high-powered chat app. Which avails it with the complete function to display read receipts, real-time reply indicators, and interactive media.

As you probably guessed, RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. it is a communication protocol providing messages with richer media capabilities when compared to SMS. If you’ve enabled RCS messaging on your phone when the sender uses the Messages app to send an RCS message to the recipient.

The RCS provider forwards the RCS message to the recipient’s carrier who in turn delivers the message to the recipient. The recipient gets the message on their device and can read and respond to the message in the Messages app. For a fact, not every major smartphone advancement is hardware-based or flashy, and RCS messaging is one of such.

In 2019, Google rolled out RCS support for the Google Messages app. Although some users unofficially gained RCS support on almost any smartphone before its official availability. Although many carriers around the world are reluctant about implementing the feature, I’ll be showing you how to enable RCS messaging on your phone, irrespective of your carrier.

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How to Enable RCS Messaging

Interested in the Rich Communication Services function on your messages, Here’s how to enable RCS messaging on your Android phone.

  1. Although by default, recent Android devices come with the “Messages” app, You can download it from the Google Play Store.
  2. After installation, open the “Messages” app.
  3. Tap on the “settings” button. It is the three vertical dots at the top-right corner of the app.
  4. Tap on “General” – this option would only appear if you use a dual sim phone.
  5. Tap on “Settings” from the contextual menu that displays.
  6. Tap on “Chat features”.
  7. If the toggle beside Enable chat features is turned off, tap on it to move it to the on position (where it turns blue). However, if the Enable chat features toggle is already on, you’ll find its status displayed.
  1. Connected: Shows that you’ll be able to use wireless for messaging, you’ll see and send read receipts as well as show when you’re typing.
  2. Disconnected: indicates that you don’t have an internet connection and won’t be able to use chat features.
  3. Connecting…: indicates that your device is trying to reach the RCS server, to enable you to use the service.

Note that the RCS will need to have been enabled in your region and by your carrier before you can use it. Additionally, for RCS to work, you’ll need to connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Without a data connection, they simply won’t work. So, why not go-ahead to use the RCS service?

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