Best TikTok Alternative Apps For Android and iOS

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Looking for the best TikTok alternative apps for Android and iOS devices? If so, you will indeed find in this article some of the best TikTok alternative apps for your mobile device.

TikTok is a video editing and social media app that allows you to record and share your videos with the world. You can add background music, dialogue, beautification filters, etc. to make it as attractive as possible. A lot of users use this app to showcase their singing, dancing, acting, and comedy skills.

TikTok is not for everyone. Some people are perturbed about the app’s security, while others don’t like it and never will. But if you want to create and share videos, especially short-form clips with filters applied, music, and other effects, you really can’t beat TikTok. Fortunately, some apps try to provide a similar experience.

Here are the best TikTok alternatives apps that are gaining more popularity on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.




Unsurprisingly, many top tech companies like Facebook have attempted to replicate the TikTok experience on their platforms. However, Dubsmash, which has the same addicting and sharing videos as TikTok, has been around since 2015.

The Dubsmash app allows you to record or download videos and has a slew of songs and soundtracks to sync. The interface will be very friendly to you as you can scroll the main page up and down to see an endless loop of trending content. On the Explore tab, you can also explore nuances of genres and themes, from cooking and fitness to puppies.

Best of all, the Dubsmash algorithm is designed to promote diversity and people of color so that everyone can go viral.



Instagram Reels



Instagram is a social media photo-sharing feature. In the latest news, the company owned by Facebook wants to take advantage of a portion of TikTok’s user base with Instagram Reels.

Reels allow you to capture 15-second videos, edit them with a host of creative tools, and share them with existing followers on Instagram. This means you won’t need to download a separate app or sign in to the first 100 subscribers again. If you desire more exposure, you can set your Instagram profile to “public,” so everyone can see and share your reels.

An important feature is the implementation of augmented reality (AR) effects. Longtime Instagram users can attest to the app’s AR filters’ reliability, and now you can use them in your videos. With the current popularity and overall success of the past decade, the potential of Instagram reels is limitless.





Before TikTok, it was Vine. At its peak, the app had over 200 million active users creating and reviewing six-second sketches. However, Vine’s success was short-lived. One of its founders, Dom Hofmann, created his next video-sharing app to compete with TikTok.

Byte allows users to create and post videos up to 16 seconds long. Unlike most competitors, the app already pays users who generate a good audience. You can like videos or rebyte them, which is more like reposting. Byte’s interface is easy to use, and like TikTok, you’ll browse through different categories of videos, such as comedy, animation, and more.

Byte is relatively new, so you can expect plenty of updates and improvements as it matures.




One app that benefited more than any other during the TikTok debacle is Triller. Its customer base has grown to around 250 million worldwide.

While Triller offers a similar video creation experience to TikTok’s experience, the recent acquisition of an app called Halogen has also allowed it to add live streaming services. The all-in-one platform managed to secure exclusive deals such as Mike Tyson’s upcoming boxing match against Roy Jones Jr. Triller, who also teamed up with Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Kevin Hart, and others. With a list of highly skilled users and Triller Mode, which automatically edits videos for you, the Triller app is undoubtedly one of the best TikTok alternative apps.




Fans of image and video sharing apps will be a lot familiar with Snapchat. This TikTok alternative app is best known for allowing users to send images or recordings that expire seconds after opening. In recent years, Snapchat has added more features to retain its 46 million monthly active users: Snap Originals, a popular site, and weekly releases of new AR filters. Instead of limiting videos to 10 seconds, users can now record and edit continuously with gifs, text, and doodle tabs.




Chingari is one of the best TikTok alternative apps you can use for Android or iOS mobile devices. Chingari is a social network almost identical to TikTok. Basically, you’ll be using it to create and share short videos with all of your followers. You can as well view other users’ creations and check out the latest news in a separate section.

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Chingari’s interface is very easy to use, with content segmented into two main tabs. The first tab is dedicated to videos uploaded by registered users and the people you follow. To switch from one content to another, scroll vertically like in TikTok. You can then like, comment, or share any post with your followers.




Funimate allows you to create and edit videos with a cycle. It is technically presented as a way for young people to edit and share video clips. Lipsyncing to songs, funny jokes, and dramatic dialogues is normal here, just like something Tiktok users will already be familiar with.

Equipped with advanced effects, filters, and real-time transitions, Funimate can draw on clips, add letters, neon lights, as well as cut, crop, and merge numerous clips. You can also use emojis, stickers, create your effects, and participate in daily challenges. Funimate has reached number one on the App Store in over 100 countries.




Lomotif was initially released only for iOS, but the app eventually found its way to Android. It works the same as TikTok – you can add and edit videos with tools like crop, slow motion, zoom in, zoom out, etc. You can also add background music and effects to improve its quality further. To hit the mark, use countless beauty filters, stickers, and emojis to attract a fan base. By showing your talent in this app, you will gain followers and make friends. You can also team-up with other friends to create more extensive videos.

Another cool feature of Lomotif is the Birthday and New Years. Creating videos on these occasions improves your profile and increases your social media presence.



Vigo Video

TikTok might be the undisputed king for now, but Vigo Video is undoubtedly creating stiff competition for it. This mobile video editing app works much like Snapchat. Users can share videos that are 15 seconds long and show off various talents like dancing, singing, acting, beauty, cooking, etc. Because time is short, Vigo video challenges you to show off your best content.

There are countless filters out there, including beauty filters that even out skin tone, remove blemishes, and make you look much more attractive. The best feature of Vigo, however, is the monetary aspect. You can make money if you have enough subscribers, and your video gets a lot of likes, shares, and comments. So what are you waiting for? Download the app and start making money!




LIKEE is another top pick for TikTok alternative apps that is slowly gaining popularity. It works like TikTok and lets you sync your lips with music and dialogue, creating short, witty, and funny videos.

You can also join multiple videos to create a long clip. Add filters and labels to make your video more engaging and attract more subscribers. Add more effects like slow motion or speed up the video as you like.

The only issue a LIKEE user might face is that you can’t post if you are a new user. There is a leveling system for this. Other than that little thing, everything else works fine.




Another excellent TikTok alternative apps for Android and iOS is KWAI. KWAI is a social networking app that allows its users to record short, interesting videos to sync with their favorite songs, movie dialogues, etc.

The most popular videos on KWAI are beauty blogging, funny videos, dancing, funny videos, lip-syncing, and magic illusions. This app also has a reward system. The more followers you acquire, the better the rewards.

In order to make users more interactive, the app often contains fun challenges and competitions. By following this app, you can also stay up to date with the latest viral trends. Another interesting attribute of KWAI is the “stories” function. Like Instagram and Snapchat, you can share stories here that stay active for up to 48 hours instead of 24 hours.

Create inspiring videos, gain subscribers, and make new friends with KWAI. KWAI is available on iOS and Android stores.




We hope you liked our collection of the best TikTok alternative apps for Android and iOS. Which is your favorite on the list, and how many of these video-sharing apps have you known or used?

Do you know of any other TikTok alternative apps that you think people might find interesting? Kindly share by using the comment section below.

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