1 thought on “How to Fix iPod not Showing Up in iTunes

  1. I had this issue and none of the solutions found on Apple support or other places worked. To have your iPod connected to iTunes again you need to do the following (I did it and it worked):
    – save all your songs (“Music” directory found under directory Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music) on your desktop.
    – delete EVERY folder/file linked to Apple: uninstall iTunes then manually delete all folders found under Program Files and Program Files (x86) and also make sure to uninstall Apple Support or any other program linked to Apple (uninstalling iTunes only does not work and you NEED to remove everything else left on the computer).
    – reboot your computer.
    – download and install iTunes.
    – copy all the directories from the backed up Music directory into …Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Automatically Add to iTunes.
    – launch iTunes and wait for a little bit if you have many songs (it takes some time before they show in your list).
    – plug your iPod into a USB port and it should not show up in iTunes (you might be prompted to install a driver).

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