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If you’re a regular user of Instagram, you would notice up to three comments that stick to the bottom of some images or videos. Most times these comments ooze out excess of positive vibes and sometimes, they are adverts related to the posts. If you’re unaware of these comments being pinned, you’re likely to believe it’s a feature of the Instagram AI technology. However, it’s not and it is easy to pin comments to any post you make on Instagram. I’ll be showing you how to Pin Comments on Instagram Post. Be it an advert, positive vibes, or an explanatory comment, you’ll be able to pin it to your Instagram post.

How to pin Comments on Instagram Post

If you’ve made a post on Instagram and you want to choose which comments stay afloat, do the following;

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Go to the post you want to pin comments to the top.
  3. Scroll through the comments until you find the comment you want to pin to the top.
  4. Tap on the comment and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds. Some icons should appear at the top of the app.
  5. Tap on the thumbtack icon.
  6. Instagram should now give you a brief run-down of how pinned comments work and ask if you want to pin the comment. To pin it, tap on “Pin Comment.”
  7. The comment would now be at the top of the thread. You can repeat this for up to three comments.

The pinned comment would indicate “pinned” with a thumbtack icon beside it. However, only the owner of the post would see this.

How to pin Comments on Your Instagram Posts

If you’ve pinned the wrong comment or want to unpin a comment you pinned previously, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Go to the post you want to unpin the comment that was previously pinned.
  3. Locate the comment among the top three comments on the post – if you pinned up to three comments.
  4. Tap on the comment and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds. Some icons should appear at the top of the app including the thumbtack icon.
  5. Tap on the thumbtack icon.
  6. You’ll get a pop up asking “Unpin Comment?” tap on “Unpin
  7. You should see a floating text saying “unpinned” and the comment would go down to its position.
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The comment would no longer bet at the top of the thread and the “pinned” text would be gone. You can repeat the step above to re-pin the content back. You can as well go ahead to pin another comment to the top following the steps above.

Pinned comments can either be your comment, or a comment from other followers/Instagram users. Once a comment is pinned, it would remain at the top of the comments thread regardless of when it was posted. It’ll be the featured comment that users see when scrolling through their feed, and the first comment they’ll see when they open the thread. It could be used for adverts or to reduce the negativity people spot once they open the post.

We can’t say whether pinned comments would help reduce the negativity on a post but it can at least keep arguments and trolls a little more buried. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with seeing such comments, you could easily delete a comment from your post. You can even mark multiple comments to delete from your feed. Additionally, you can block a user from seeing your posts. This should ultimately control the aura they generate on your timeline.