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A while back I shared an article on how to cancel your Peacock subscription. On this guide, I’ll be leaving a guide on how to delete your peacock account. Sometimes cancelling a service isn’t just enough. Depending on your experience while making use of such a service, you just want to walk away and never look back. The Peacock TV was launched on 15th of April, the service started in the best way it could pick itself up. However, as fast as some users were eager to test this service, some are not satisfied and want to walk away without looking back. If you fall into this category, this is the ultimate guide on how to delete your peacock account.

Checking the Peacock TV support page for “how to delete your Peacock Account” which other services make easy for users to walk through seems a little different on the side of the NBC service. “Although we’ll be sad to see you go, we’re happy to help.” On NBC’s side isn’t such an easy walkthrough. On other video-on-demand platforms, unsubscribing lays you off but this isn’t the same for NBC’s Peacock TV. Maybe because deleting your Peacock account would require your data being removed from the NBC Universal’s servers.

As stated previously, the Peacock’s Help Center leaves us with a guide that explains the request process for the deletion of personal information from NBC Universal. Deleting your personal information with NBC Universal should also delete your Peacock profile. So seeing her Peacocks guide to delete your account only says “hey, you need to view the company’s, Privacy Page”.

At this point, Peacock just wants you to get updated on so many legal talks that relate to your rights to your digital information. Hey, wait why do I have to read all those? All I need is to walk away from this service without looking back. But no, Peacock isn’t just willing to tell you that all you need to do is scroll down and click on the deletion request link (for U.S. residents) or send a mail requesting the deletion of your account to if you’re a non-U.S. resident.

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But hey, I can delete my account right? Absolutely yes, clicking the deletion request link above would take you to the NBC Universal Individual Rights Request Portal. On this page, you can submit a request to delete your Peacock account as well as ask the company to provide any of your personal information that it has on file. Okay, now we get why we were asked to read the legal jargon. We can at least agree the former doesn’t require it but the latter does.

How to Delete your Peacock Account

Since all you want to do at the moment is to delete your Peacock account, then fire up.

  1. On the Individual rights request portal, simply click on the “Delete My Information” button.
  2. Select “Peacock” from the “Select Applicable Brand(s)” drop-down menu
  3. Input your name. This should be the exact name on your Peacock profile.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Finally, enter the state where you reside.
  6. Solve the captcha to prove that you’re not a robot,
  7. Now, you’re ready to click the “Submit” button.

Kudos! You’ve successfully initiated the process required to delete your Peacock account. Hopefully, you should receive confirmation of deletion within several weeks to a month. At that point, you can exhale cos you successfully got off the NBC servers. Yes, you just walked off the NBC servers and not just the Peacock service. Unfortunately at the moment, neither Peacock nor NBC Universal has stated how long it would take for you to get a response or how long before your account gets deleted.