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If you understand the benefits of night mode, you’ll understand why you need to know how to enable Nordnet App dark mode. Few of the advantages of using Dark Mode are the enhancement of visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, facilitating screens to adjust according to current light conditions and providing the comfort of use at night or in dark environments.

Additionally, At 100% screen brightness, the dark interface is saving up to 60% of screen energy. While OLED screens are mainly used by Android devices, lately there has been some good news for iPhone users as Apple has adopted its use. Hence the request for the Nordnet App Dark mode. After several requests from users, Nordnet rolled out an update with the dark mode.

Nordnet is an online banking service for investments, savings and loans. The service company was founded in 1996. The company aims at giving Nordic savers control over their investments and pension savings. Nordnet is an online bank with business offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The company decided to attach the dark mode feature from the Nordnet 8.6.0 release.

So if you have the Nordnet 8.6.0, thus us how to enable the Nordnet app dark mode.

Just before you get too excited on reading how to enable the Nordnet App Dark Mode, You’ll need to update your app to version 8.6.0 or later to bring the dark mode feature to the Nordnet app on your device. The steps below should walk you through updating it.

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  • Open the App Store for your device. Google play store for android devices or Apple store of iOS.
  • Search for “Nordnet app” on the app store.
  • Select the app and click on “Update”.
  • The update should be downloaded and installed in a short while.

After the update, the dark mode feature for the Nordnet app will be available and you easily make use of it.

How to Enable Nordnet App Dark Mode

After updating your Nordnet App to version 8.6.0 or later, follow the steps below to enable Nordnet app dark mode feature for the app on your Android phone.

  • Open the “Nordnet app”.
  • Sign in using your valid credentials.
  • Click on “Account Profile” at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  • Tap on the toggle beside the “Dark Mode” to activate it.
  • Once the toggle button is tapped, it enables the dark mode in the Nordnet app.

You can always switch between the regular interface and the dark mode any time you wish to. Additionally, the dark mode was designed in the Nordnet app in such a way that customers or users can easily enable the feature before they sign in to their customer’s account.