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If you’re looking for a free streaming service, then you need to know how to activate Pluto TV. Pluto TV is an American streaming service owned by ViacomCBS. Which is also the parent company of several popular film companies and television production networks. The service offers content from networks like Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV through live video streaming channels and on-demand functionality is entirely free. Or maybe not entirely free as Pluto TV makes its revenue by running advertisements during the viewing process. Sometimes, adverts come up when you try switching between channels and annoyingly while the show is running. It’s still however fair to say that the streaming service is free since you don’t have to input your credit card or make any subscriptions.

Having a nice list of channels you can stream from, Pluto TV gives its users access to contents from channels like

  • Stories by AMC (140) The AMC cable TV network has been the home for some of the most acclaimed TV series ever made.
  • Degrassi channel (172)
  • CBS News channel (236)
  • Hell’s Kitchen channel (356)
  • Classic Doctor Who channel (370)
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 channel (385)
  • NFL channel (465)
  • Slow TV channel (597)
  • And many others…

Activating Pluto TV allows you to pair your smartphone as a remote giving you the ability to edit the channel line-up (hide/favorite) in your account.

Currently, you can activate Pluto TV on any of the following devices. With a promise of more to come, soon!

So if you’re an owner of one of the above devices, then you’re ready to activate Pluto TV and start streaming for free.

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How to Activate Pluto TV

Here are the steps for activating your Pluto account on any of the devices listed above.

  • On your TV, Visit “Channel 02” on the guide. You can also click on “Activate” from the left side of the guide.
  • A 6 digit code should be displayed at the top of your device screen. Copy that code as its what you’ll need
  • There are 2 ways to enter the code. Feel free to use anyone you find suitable for your account/device
  • If you’re logged in, click on “MyPluto” on your phone
    • Tap on “activate”
    • Enter the 6 digit code displayed on your screen.
  • If you’re not logged in or you don’t have a Pluto account, go to Pluto.Tv/activate.
    • Click on the yellow “Sign Up for free” button or “sign-in” if you already have an account. After signing up, follow the prompts.

Following the steps above you’ll successfully activate My Pluto TV. That’s okay, right? What if you no longer need the service?

How to Unpair a Device from Pluto TV

If you ever want to unpair a device from my Pluto TV, the steps below should suffice.

  • Simply visit “MyPluto” on your device.
  • Tap on “Activate”
  • Select the Device you wish to unpair and tap ‘X‘ to remove it.

The Pluto TV is an amazing go-to option if you cant keep up with renewing subscriptions. You can use your web browser to watch Pluto TV on your computer or download the app on Mac and Windows computers. One more thing, Pluto TV also has apps for Android and Apple devices.