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Watch Anime Movies Online Free.

10 Best Sites to Watch Anime Movies Online for Free

At a time when the world is locked down, it’s getting a lot boring with the passing of each day. Apart from that, many people’s savings are fast depleting. Making an internet subscription is already becoming a little bit difficult for an average person who doesn’t freelance or work remotely. Dealing with boredom and going broke can order a home delivery of depression for anyone – LOL. Today, I’ll be leaving a long list of the 10 Best Sites to Watch Anime Movies Online Free. So if you’re able to get an internet subscription, you can still follow up on your favorite anime with no extra cost.

  • KissAnime
  • 9anime
  • AnimeFreak
  • Anime-planet
  • MyAnimeList
  • AnimeHeaven
  • GoGoAnime
  • Chia-Anime
  • Crunchyroll
  • Funimation



KissAnime is undoubtedly the best anime website offering free views to a wide range of animes. It provides a lot of cool animations. The best part of their services is featuring the latest animes on their homepage. They also categorize their animes accordingly. Their website has an intuitive user interface that loads very fast on reliable internet connections. They, however, display adverts which are sometimes annoying.

They don’t only stream anime videos on their website but also have options to watch dramas, play online games, and some other cool stuff KissAnime is simply diversified. They also take their viewers seriously, if a video gets taken down, KissAnime provides links to its other mirror sites. They provide these links in their Announcement section for fans to watch it without disturbances. Guess it’s a good reason why a video in their popular series can hit up to KissAnime 200 million views. Their website URL is:



If you’re like me, who prefers downloading your videos to watch at your own pace, 9anime was hosted for you. On 9anime, you are not restricted to only Watch Anime Movies Online Free. You can equally download them to your device and play at a later time on your choice of media player. The contents on 9anime’s website are free for everyone to access. Currently, 9anime receives millions of daily users on its website. The site loads fast and is consistently updated with new movies almost every hour. They have a nice and easy to navigate design and their category ranges are movies, TV series, ongoing, completed, A to Z list, and schedule. Also, you’ll be able to get the specific genres of anime you wish to watch using the “quick filter” option to navigate to what you want. 9anime is very light, user-friendly, and there are so many animes to watch. On 9anime, there is no need for a user to spend a penny. It is entirely free and its URL is



AnimeFreak is an awesome website where you can Stream free anime series and anime cartoons online. On AnimeFreak, you can find the latest anime releases, the latest episodes of previously existing animes, and many more. They also stay updated on the latest chapters of the comics you are reading. AnimeFreak as a website freaks anime lovers as it has got lots of visitors and their website is excellent. Although sometimes, videos might glitch due to pop-ups and server issues but AnimeFreak’s video player is one of the best with lots of features and settings to tweak around till your satisfaction is attained. On the platform, you can use the alphabetical list to browse the contents of the website effectively. To reach foreign users, their English Subtitles are auto-generated, and you can autoplay your favorite content. It has an option for its users to register on the website. This allows for saving materials for future viewing. The website URL is;


Anime planet

Anime-Planet is still among our top anime streaming websites recommendation for anime and manga lovers. On anime-planet, you can create your profile to keep track of every activity onsite. This includes what you view and discuss among other visitors within their platform. If you wish to know the basic information related to Anime shows, they also have a very active forum where lots of users discuss animes. The site is free to its users and is rated highly by anime lovers. Anime-Planet is monetized by Google AdSense, which means it’s safe for you to browse through. It also features some popular manga for manga readers. Despite fewer video content compared to other platforms, people seem to love this site as a review and discussion forum. Additionally, you can follow other users who are available on the platform having the same interest as you have, you can also get in touch with them. For a fact, it’s a planet of its own existing for anime fans. There is no need for you to pay a dime on anime-planet. Its streaming services are entirely free but you can’t download any video from this site. Its website URL is;


MyAnimeList is an anime streaming website with no ads so you don’t have to feel irritated simply because of unnecessary and unwanted adverts in between videos while streaming. It avails its users with a user-friendly interface, which lets a user easily go through it. MyAnimeList has multiple tabs that allow users to pick from seasonal Anime, videos, reviews, and other conditions as well. If you wish to know about an Anime before watching, then they’re the option for you as descriptions are also available to available animes. They also arrange movies as per the rank of the series, characters, reviews, and popularity. Their services are free however their video quality can be considered premium with English subtitled anime series in HD. You can check it out at the official site:



AnimeHeaven is another utterly free platform making it to the list of top anime streaming sites. Streaming on AnimeHeaven feels like heaven because you get all the popular anime series, current series, cartoons, and movies. On AnimeHeaven, you’re not restricted to only streaming. You can as well download your favorite animes in different qualities. They provide English subtitles to their users. They also provide information on Anime shows like episodes, time of release, and reviews. They have a nice interface that loads well on a fast internet connection. The official web address is



The GoGoAnime platform is an awesome website to watch free anime episodes and follow up with new anime releases. It is another great platform that offers a premium streaming service for absolutely free. GoGoAnime houses hundreds of thousands of animated stuff including comics and manga. They are dedicated to streaming Japanese animes. This means you don’t have to rely on subtitles to understand it. However, you can watch some of the animation series in English. Another good news is every content on GogoAnime is available for free without restrictions. The GogoAnime website is user friendly with an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. It has a lightweight interface and loads very fast on almost all networks. GoGoAnime is one of the most visited anime streaming websites on the internet – according to Alexa. Its website URL is


Chia-Anime is considered the best free anime streaming website in Japan. If you are looking for an anime streaming site to Watch Anime Movies Online Free, chia-anime is your go-to guy. They offer streaming as well as a download link for their users to save animes to their devices. On Chia-Anime, contents are frequently updated and new animes added daily. You can stream anime as either HD or non-HD quality – depending on your subscription and data consumption. Chia-anime does not feature subtitles and you can’t import them to their video player. This is one of their biggest drawbacks and a reason to download before watching. Although their Videos load faster than other video streaming platforms, without buffering, and without annoying ads when viewed. The company has an office in Japan which have been open since 2009 and their website URL is;


Crunchyroll offers an Asian focused anime streaming platform with the best quality anime shows as well as intriguing stories based on anime fiction. This website has a cool, simple interface that everyone who visits the site won’t have an issue navigating through its various categories. It is a multiplatform streaming site having software and apps supports for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Crunchyroll’s Streaming quality is satisfactory and you can add subtitles to Animes manually. Although Crunchyroll is free, it also features a premium subscription that costs $7 per month. The premium subscription allows its users to create private queues and an ad-free experience. The website URL is


Funimation Anime

Funimation is another anime streaming platform that offers streaming for both paid and free users. It is the last we’ll be talking about in this post and their services are limited to certain regions. However, you can use their service with the aid of a VPN. Kindly check out our post on Best free and paid VPN for 2020. Funimation’s specialty is on subbed anime series to cater to English-speaking regions. The free users have some limitation however, the paid users are unlimited. As a free user on Funimation, you have to view a series of adverts that paid users aren’t exposed to. Funimation has a clean and responsive webpage. Its website contents are arranged in tiles. Their most recent animes are mostly at the top then descends to less popular animes. Their servers are practically fast so if you’re looking for the best sites to watch anime, give Funimation a try. Their website URL is:


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We have listed the sites above as the best free anime streaming sites available. However, we know there are other great platforms out there. If you know more about any of such websites our comment section is open to you. Leave us a comment in the comment section below.