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How to download Netflix Videos to your phone storage

Families World over has been locked indoor as we continue to fight the spread of Corona COVID-19 Virus. Working from home, and of course, cooling off with the best of the best streaming services have become the routine for a majority of us. While a good number of us resort to Zoom for that virtual meeting, Netflix is no doubt the go-to service for streaming the latest and of course your favorite movies. That, however, comes with its attendant price- the streaming service zaps your mobile data, so we advise you opt-in for unlimited plans. How about when you run out of data plan and need to watch your all-time movie on Netflix? Well, not to worry as it is totally possible to download Netflix movies to your mobile phone or tablet so you can watch at a later time.

Thinking of how to download movies from Netflix for offline viewing? Yes, Netflix has since offered you the option to download movies on its platform to your device so you can watch it on your phone or tablet without worrying about your data plan. To be plain, the feature has been there since early 2016, but it only recently added the smart download feature. Available on its mobile app, the smart download feature on Netflix automates the process and helps eliminate the need for you to remember to delete shows you’ve watched and download the next few episodes.  For those with smartphones running Android 4.4.2 and beyond as well as iOS 9.0 and beyond, you can now download Netflix movies to your device’s microSD card or internal memory card if the device supports that. Here is a complete guide on how to download Netflix Videos to your phone.


Downloading Netflix movies for offline viewing is as simple as tapping the download button, but just where is the download button located.

Once you find a program you want to download, just tap it the way you would if you were going to stream it. For movies, this will bring you to the title screen, with a big play button at the top, some details about the movie in the middle, and two options: “My List” and a “Download” button with a down arrow. For TV shows you’ll see a similar setup, but the down arrow download button is located next to the titles of each individual episode.

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First off, fire up the Netflix app on your Android phone or tablet. We encourage you to always ensure you are using the latest Netflix mobile app version on your device.



How to download Netflix Videos / movies from Netflix

  • Click on the arrow symbol at the bottom to see a list of movies you have downloaded or those you can currently download.
  • Tap on the “Find more to download” button
  • The next screen is a section that shows only the movies and TV shows that you can download.
  • Find a movie you wish to download, tap on it as if you were going to stream it
  •  The next screen is the title & description page with a big play button at the top as well as  “My List” and a “Download” button with a down arrow.
  • Click on the down arrow button to begin download.


How to download Netflix Videos to your phone storage

It is virtually the same process when downloading Netflix shows. However, the down arrow download button for Netflix shows is located next to the big Play button.

How to Download Netflix Videos / Movie over 3G, 4G, or 5G services

By default, the Netflix app setting is set to download only when you are hooked up to a Wi-Fi connection. But just in case there is no available Wi-Fi connection, the app setting has an option to disable the “Wi-Fi Only” download. And if you prefer to use your mobile data plan, it recommended you have an unlimited plan in place.

Where to access your downloaded Netflix Movies

Just like every other download, movies download from Netflix go straight to your phone’s memory. However, the streaming service offers you the ability to change your download location to an external MicroSD card for supported devices. So if your Android device supports Micro sd card, you can set your download location to external card y heading straight to Netflix App Settings > Download Location. Select your SD Card, then press the back button.