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Every smart operating system (OS) in use today has a virtual assistant (Artificial Intelligence) software installed. Cortana for Windows, Bixby on Samsung, Google assistant on Android, etc. Siri is a virtual assistant developed by Apple Inc. for its iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems. The assistant uses voice queries and a natural-language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations. It is equally capable of taking certain actions such as making calls, sending text messages, setting alarms, etc.

Siri is an intelligent assistant that enables users of Apple iPhone 4S and later and newer iPad and iPod Touch devices to speak natural language voice commands in order to operate their devices and some apps. Siri on an iPhone is as awesome as having a dedicated personal assistant. As long as you are connected to the internet, your assistant remains dedicated. The pros of having Siri activated on your devices includes but isn’t limited to the following;

Creating Reminder, Placing calls to contacts, turning on a Timer, Reading out What Song is playing. Performing Quick Conversions, scientific or financial using standard conversion tools. Changing system settings like time, date, etc. Read Text Messages out and many other unlisted functions.

However, there are several reasons why anyone won’t want this awesome guy running their errands. Oh yeah, did I tell you Siri adapts to its user? Well, this isn’t just my words but a reality. Smiles, I guess you didn’t know an Artificial intelligence software is monitoring you. I don’t think anyone wants their privacy open to the public. Remember, our dedicated assistant Siri needs an internet connection to serve us. Asking Siri certain questions might be fun. Yes, her answers may be funny (and they are), but you’d better Google funny questions to Siri just in case you want to satisfy your interest. Siri isn’t a secret keeper and trust me, security agents are watching you, and all searches for DIY drugs or explosives may attract the attention of security services. They may not come for you right away, but they will definitely note your interest. Asking Siri to call dad is cool but not calling bae. This is because Siri adds tags to contacts and never removes these tags. In the end, an AI has all information on all your exes. Long story short, if you feel uncomfortable and decide to lay off the assistant you hired then here comes how to disable Siri on iPhone.

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How to Disable Siri on iPhone

For users running iOS 11 or later who are unaware of how to disable Siri on the iPhone, it’s not too difficult to turn Siri off. You just need to take the following steps;

  • Tap on Settings (the gear icon) usually among your apps list.
  • Tap on Siri & Search.
  • You’ll find the Listen for “Hey Siri”, Press Side Button For Siri, and Allow Siri When Locked click on the green toggle disabling all three options.
  • If all three toggles are turned off, there should be a pop-up. Tap on Turn Off Siri in the popup.

Please note that the popup that enables you to turn Siri off completely will only pop up if you toggle all three options off.

If you’re just fond of accidentally triggering Siri with the Side button and you’re not comfortable with that, you can just toggle that option off and still use the “Hey Siri” command and allow Siri to work when your iPhone is locked. However, if you ever miss your assistant and decide to change your mind about disabling Siri on iPhone, then simply follow the same steps to toggle Siri back on. Apple’s assistant is constantly improving with time, so you might want to give it a second chance.