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Truth be told, nobody wants to reluctantly believe the verdict their ISP give regarding their Wi-Fi speed without wanting to verify if it really checks out.  I don’t know about you, but I personally believe that if one is really concerned about knowing how fast their Internet connection is, really, they will conduct a Wi-Fi speed test for iPhone as we teach in this article.

Do you, by any chance, suspect that your ISP is cheating on you with low internet speed, and you have to report it with solid evidence?.  Or perhaps you are planning a movie night at home or with friends and family, and you want to know the speed of your streaming.  Here are the internet speed test apps to save the day.  However, not all speed test websites/apps are created equal.

Before taking the Wi-Fi speed test for iPhone, you need to consider a number of factors, for example, the distance of the route used, the available server bandwidth, the method used to calculate the speed.  That’s why it’s recommended to use multiple speed tests to get a better idea of ​​your internet speed.

How to test the wifi speed of the iPhone

Like your home computer, you can monitor the Wi-Fi speed test for iPhone. Three simple and easy speed test apps are available for free in the iPhone App Store.  All three provide you with your download and upload speeds, as well as compare your speed test results with others.

 How to test the WiFi speed of an iPhone without any  Application

Before launching third-party apps, you should, and you can do a speed test on the iPhone without any apps using the Safari browser.  Just open the web browser and search for the word ‘speedtest’ or go to  Now, the catch here is that the iPhone does not support Safari Flash so you will be asked to download the app if you select Ocla.  Perform the following steps to bypass this.

Tap the share button at the bottom of the browser page.  Swipe options and look for the ‘Request Desktop Sites’ tab. Tap ‘Request Desktop Site’ and you will see a full version of the website.  Test as usual.  There are ads on the webpage though.

Alternatively, you can choose to have a speed test on by Net.flix.  Since this website does not use Flash, you can use it as usual without switching to desktop mode.

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Wi-Fi speed test for iPhone with app

1.    Internet speed test – Mobile – Install now

You can test the speed of your cellular (3G / 4G / LTE) or Wi-Fi connection with a real-time graphical display, and the results are constantly updated during the testing process.  This application is simple and easy to use and gives accurate internet speed test from any location.  This is one of the best broadband speed test apps, and a simple test application will determine your true internet speed.


2.    Speed test speedSmart Wi-Fi – Install now

Next on the list of the best wifi speed test applications for the iPhone is SpeedsSmart.  Its global server network and a smart speed test method confirms the results.  More than 200 million speed tests were conducted on the field.  SpeedSmart tests your internet connection quickly and easily.

3.    Cisco Global Internet Speed Test – Install now

Lets you measure your connection speed via cellular network and Wi-Fi based on your location and network access speed during testing.  This app will compare your cellular networks or Wi-Fi speeds with other iPhone users around the world.  If you like big brands like Cisco, this is the best Wi-Fi speed test app.

How to Troubleshoot slow connection on iPhone

Before going to your ISP phone, consider that the slow speed may be due to your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.  Although it has been suggested many times that it seems like a punchline for bad tricks, start by slowly rebooting the device.  If this has no effect, try resetting the network connection.

On any iOS device, this can be done by turning on Settings, then selecting General> Reset> Reset Network Settings (see figure on the right).  You’ll need to pick up your own Wi-Fi password to log back into the network, so make sure you know this before committing to a reset.