How to post to Instagram from PC or Mac

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Although Instagram offers very easy-to-use and very powerful mobile apps for its users, the Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing social networking service have yet to roll out a dedicated desktop/laptop app. Then arise the question often asked by many people who use a computer – is there an app available for Instagram on a computer?, hence we have a detailed article here on How to post to Instagram from PC or Mac

You can’t post to Instagram from your computer as you would on your phone. Simply, there is no button to click to upload your photo and video to Instagram from your computer. So what do you do if you have some cool pictures from the digital camera you want to post to Instagram without uploading them to your smartphone?

You can easily open your Instagram account on a computer, just by visiting  You can see posts in the queue, and “stories” at the top of your page.  You can click the Explore icon, search, follow people, and look at your profile page.   Disturbingly for computer users, you cannot easily post a post to Instagram.

Instagram started out as a completely mobile app and still has a strong focus on mobile.  Any desktop capabilities are really a belated idea.

However, desktop users don’t need to give up completely.  There are a few ways that PC and Mac users can bypass the lack of native Instagram capabilities, which makes it possible to create posts from their PCs.  Here is a variety of tools and techniques that you can use to post to Instagram from your desktop or laptop.


How To Use Instagram On The Pc Web

If users want to post Instagram photos and videos from their desktop but have a Mac computer or an old computer that can’t run Instagram for Windows, there are some solutions.

  • BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a free Android phone simulator, which is a special program designed to emulate a mobile operating system on your computer.  It will emulate the Android version of Instagram on your computer or Mac, allowing you to upload photos to Instagram.

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Install BlueStacks then search for and download Instagram via BlueStacks search interface.  Log in to your Instagram account, your Instagram feed will appear as it will appear on the phone.

  • Flume

Flume is a native Instagram app for Mac only that allows users to upload and post photos to Instagram from their Mac, edit photos, and much more.  It even includes some of the “strong user” functionality that Instagram mobile does not provide, like scrolling shortcuts and ways to promote your brand.

  • E-mail

If there’s a picture on your desktop computer that you really want to post to Instagram, a very low-tech solution is to email the photo, access that photo from your phone, then post the photo to Instagram.

  • Dropbox

Use Dropbox, the free cloud-based storage app, to share photos on your desktop computer to your mobile device, then access them for Instagram.

Instagram for the computer

Instagram for PC is a desktop application that emulates Instagram on a Windows PC.  The application requires Microsoft .NET framework.

How to post to Instagram from PC  or Mac

Chrome Zoom Image

Uploading photos to Instagram from Chrome takes just a few mouse clicks.

In Chrome, go to and sign in.  Now right-click anywhere on the page and select Check from the options menu.  Part of the site will be covered with the Inspector tool, but we only care about the small code for the tablet and phone.  This option appears in the top right of the inspector window – click on it.  The page will refresh using the mobile view, and the + icon to create a post will appear at the bottom of the window.  If not, refresh the page.

When finished, tap the tablet/phone icon again.  Close the Inspector tool and update the website to revert to the desktop version.

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