How to disable Incognito mode on Android

By | April 26, 2020

You may come across a time when you may want to disable Incognito Mode in Google Chrome for Android.  For example, when you want to keep a close eye on your kids or prevent yourself from viewing adult content on your Android.

There are several ways to disable Incognito mode on Mac and Windows using the terminal, but there is no native way to disable Incognito mode.  However, you can still use a third-party application called Inkokito.

Why go Incognito in the first place

The easiest way is to go into incognito mode if you want to browse more privately and securely.  With many privacy settings, the surfing process will be smooth.  Want to download some private videos but blocked?  Use a personal search engine and you may find more unexpected content in incognito mode.

In incognito mode, not all browsing history and cookies will be saved.  You don’t have to worry about your little secrets ever being seen by others.

Want to discuss sensitive issues but fear being tracked down?  Some personal browsers provide anonymous help to help you hide anonymous information.  Sometimes you just want to see the hot gossip but you see that there are lots of shopping ads on your web page.  Is there any way to block annoying tracking?  Go into incognito mode and turn on “Do Not Track”.

How do people avoid checking your bookmarks?  Is there a way to quickly exit the browser if someone suddenly appears?  With more privacy features, privacy-focused browsers like Agril Private Browser can help you with a higher level of privacy encryption.


Incognito mode in Chrome removes browsing history, search history, input information, and cookies when you close a window.  This is effective when you want to browse anonymously.

However, Incognito mode can be a problem if you want to know what other people have access to your PC.  Kids and other users can browse anything in incognito mode, and you won’t find out.  For that purpose, in this article, you will learn how to disable incognito mode in Chrome browser.

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Browsing in Incognito mode gives you freedom.  So you can often start visiting websites that do not dare to visit without Incognito mode.  Maybe, for this reason, you might have a seond thought about browsing in that mode.  In iOS, it is not possible to move the private mode to Chrome.  While on Windows, Mac, and Android, there are several methods you can use to disable Incognito.  Let’s first see how to remove it in Windows.

Without Rooting

To do this, install Incovito from Google Play.  This is a free application that lets you completely block access to incognito browsing mode for Android version 51.0.2698.0 or later.  Notification access is required for the application to work.  It comes with two modes – prevent tabs from opening and close tabs automatically (when the screen is off or after a set delay).

We prefer resistance tabs in which you can display a popup message with individual text that appears when switching to incognito mode or tabs.  A settings lock option exists that allows you to set a pin lock to prevent unauthorized changes.  There’s also a 1-click toggle to enable or disable Incoquito functionality.

After set up, whenever you open a new Incognito tab, Chrome will only display a popup message (if enabled) and will not switch to Incognito mode.  Although the “New Incognito tab” option will usually appear in Chrome.


  Bottom Line

There’s little doubt about the versatility that Chrome’s Incognito mode brings to the table.  This will automatically remove your browsing history upon exit, thus preventing website trackers from gaining beads on you on subsequent visits.  Most importantly though, it helps you surf privately, which is absolutely important on shared devices.  However, there are many reasons where the presence of Incognito mode may be reversed.

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