How to delete all unread emails in Gmail

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delete all unread emails

It’s hard to put a tab on every mail that arrives in your mailbox.  Gmail also offers a shopping space solution, but if you don’t want to spend any money and want to make some space in your mailbox, getting rid of those unwanted emails is one of the options.

Now, it seems impossible to delete more than 50 emails at once.  This is because Gmail displays only 50 emails per page and you cannot select more than that.  So if you have thousands of unread emails that you know are unimportant and spam.

While the Gmail interface is usually very easy to use and understand, working on a lot of emails at the same time can be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t know a few small tricks.

Here we show you how to delete absolutely everything in Gmail and all emails, including specific senders and specific keywords.  If you’ve been receiving lots of email newsletters and never want to delete them, the following steps are effective.  The good news is that with these strategies, you can quickly sort huge amounts of emails at once.

  How to delete all unread emails in Gmail

Your Gmail account may contain thousands of unread emails, and most of them may be useless.  If you want to delete all these emails, it is not recommended to delete all these unread emails manually.  Here are some easy ways to do this if you want to clear your mailbox.

When you’re in your inbox, select the checkbox at the top of the page.  You can then apply a delete action to all items on the page.  You can also choose to apply the same action across all messages in your inbox.  After you click the checkbox, select All Banners Gmail Presentation  A quick tap icon in the trash can and you’ll be sitting in Inbox Zero.

Alternatively,  if you’re not ready to drown out and deactivate the entire contents of your inbox, you can remove all still unread messages and remove that annoying notification icon.  You can search the bar to find all unread emails in your inbox.  Search all emails labeled “unread” and Gmail will present you with a list.  Then, when prompted, you can choose to first delete 50 emails or any message in your inbox that meets this criterion.

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If you’re still not brave enough to delete options, you can still clear junk or old mail from your inbox.  For example, you can regularly receive subscription emails for the sale of news updates from your preferred brand, specific job search, or various online sources.  You can enter individual search terms that cover some of these criteria and delete them with greater accuracy, ensuring that whatever you need is washed out during your digital refinement efforts.

You can also delete based on various criteria including size, subject or attachment.  Try entering some of these parameters to see if it has received a good number of emails for deletion.

  Size: Larger: 2M (Enter the number that suits you; this search is for emails larger than 2MB)

  Subject: (Limited time) (Very useful for deleting old retail messages)

  Attachments: attachments (for understanding any email with attachments; useful for clearing space quickly)

And, if you want additional search options, use the drop-down arrow in the search bar to express a form using multiple search options.


Delete all your spam/junk emails

Not often, these unsolicited and unsolicited emails take up valuable storage space and you don’t even know it because Gmail’s great spam filtering system moves them directly to your junk or spam email folder. Fortunately, all spam emails older than 30 days have been deleted by Google, but you may find that one hundred days of these meaningless emails seems like you might want to clean up once a week.

To delete these, type in the label: Spam in the search box at the top of the Gmail inbox, and then select the message that will now delete all spam messages (spam messages over 30 days will be automatically deleted).

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