Xiaomi showcases Redmi K30 5G with 144Hz screen

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Redmi K30 5G

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The major smartphones for the year 2020 aren’t even dropping already, but we all can already tell what the trend for the year could be – blazing 5G connectivity, and a higher refresh rate. While Oneplus is working on upping its game with a 120Hz screen technology, Nubia, on the other hand, is on the verge of releasing a device with a whopping 144Hz screen, and here we have news of a new Xiaomi phone with similar screen refresh rate.

The 144Hz screen is been tested on a Redmi K30 5G, and with this, the company will be upping the K30 from its current 90Hz screen to a higher 144HZ refresh rate. The Redmi K30 with a 144Hz  screen clearly may not be getting a commercial release soon as it appears the company is just testing out the ease/possibility of employing a 144Hz display refresh rate, perhaps, for its upcoming device.

With the K30 5G capable of achieving up to 144Hz refresh rate, it is plausible the company might push out an OTA update in the future that will enable the higher rate on the device. This will be a first for any smartphone, although it remains to be seen which brand will be the first to release a commercial phone with a 144Hz display. It should be noted that such a screen comes with a great toll on the battery, although there can be a workaround with a software tweak.

Speaking of a Xiaomi phone that could possibly feature the 144Hz screen, there are speculations the upcoming  Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro might be the first to benefit, even though current leaks suggest a 90Hz screen for both devices.

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