Poco India officially teases the Poco X2 smartphone

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The true successor to the Poco F1 released back in 2018 has been one of the most keenly awaited smartphones for quite a while now. With the news of the spin-off of the Poco brand from Xiaomi recently, Poco and Xiaomi fans once again got the conviction that a new Poco F smartphone – the Poco F2, or perhaps, the Poco X2 would be landing soon.

Xiaomi India, following news of the spin-off, released a teaser on Twitter, pointing at a new high-resolution camera making its debut on this device. The Poco F2, no doubt will be the sequel to the F1, but reports also suggest that a Poco X2 smartphone is in the making.

While the teaser attached below doesn’t explicitly mention a specific Poco phone, it does hint at the “POCO X2” name,  even though you have to be very observant to notice that. The characters of the name are scattered about. Check out the following tweet. Moreover, Poco India used the  “Season 2”  tag hinting at either a Poco F2 or the rumored Poco X2.

While Poco India has yet to openly confirm the Poco X2, there are speculations the brand will be releasing a duo of smartphones soonest – a Poco F2, and Poco X2. The thinking is that the brand will continue to use F2 instead of Pocophone F1 as a mid-range series while the X series fits into the high-end category.

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