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A fan of the Stylus Pen? Motorola got a Stylus supported phone in the making

Phones that feature built-in stylus pens popularly known as stylus pen were all the rage year back. These devices have since paved the way for modern-day smartphone design, even though there are still a couple of them around. For those of us that find a stylus easier on our hands than jamming a finger at the screen, the choice is limited to either the Galaxy Note series or some old LG smartphones. But it appears Motorola is on the verge of joining the league of phone makers with a Stylus touting smartphone, just as we have now sighted a leaked Motorola device with the once dreaded phone accessory.

The latest leak comes courtesy of serial tipster Evan Blass who earlier today released an alleged render of an unknown Motorola phone with a stylus pen. The render doesn’t reveal the rear side of the device, but from the front view, the unknown Stylus-wielding Motorola phone gets a minimalistic design with a small punch-hole cut-out for a single selfie cam and a curved glass screen.

Notably, the unknown Motorola phone comes with support for a stylus pen, making it the first-ever Motorola phone to get a stylus pen. We are not sure what the Stylus capabilities are, but given the round design,  it appears to slot into the bottom of the phone, just like the S Pen.


We are not entirely sure what this device is, although there are speculations it could be the rumored Motorola  Ege plus, while other reports completely debunk this. Whatever the device is, we would definitely get some more details in the coming months. For the release day, it is plausible the said device will make its first official appearance later at the MWC holding in Barcelona, Spain.

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