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5G -eneabled Black shark gaming phone is coming soon, clears MIIT in China

The launch of  Black Shark’s first 5G capable phone seems imminent.  David Li, VP of Black Shark Global, first dropped hints earlier this year that the next generation connectivity feature will first feature in a Black Shark Phone before the official launch of the Black Shark 3. Furthermore, the CEO revealed that a prototype of the device is ready and undergoing test, while also revealing that the official lunch date could happen in the early days of 2020.

With that, it is more or less certain a 5G capable phone will launch before the Black Shark 3, and now, we have evidence that suggests the same device could be launching soon. An unannounced Black Shark Smartphone with the model number KLE-A0 has been certified by China’s MIIT certification agency.


The listing doesn’t reveal anything other than that it is a 5G-ENABLED smartphone. So we don’t know much else about the Black Shark 5G phone now, though there are indications it could be an incremental upgrade over the Black Shark 2. As for the launch date, tech pundits suspect the Black Shark 5G phone could launch at the CES or even the MWC 2020.  Keep an eye on us for more 5G and Black Shark news, reviews and rumors.

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