6 Reasons the UMIDIGI Uwatch GT is Worth Buying

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1. UMIDIGI’s latest flagship smartwatch UMIDIGI Uwatch GT will start global sale at discounted price $39.99 on AliExpress.

2. Here are the top 6 reasons why the UMIDIGI Uwatch GT has high value for your money.



Being the UMIDIGI’s latest flagship smartwatch, the UMIDIGI Uwatch GT is its latest smart device which will start global sales at a discounted price of $39.99 on AliExpress on Thanksgiving day, 28th November. It boasts with a premium design, 5ATM water resistance, and clean UI while providing real-time notifications and sports activity update to the user.

Here are the top 6 reasons why the UMIDIGI Uwatch GT has high value for your money.

1. New premium dual crown rounded display design

With elegant and premium looking watchface, the Uwatch GT design closely fitted into business and professionals that enhance one mature and sense of taste. Meanwhile, the watch is also suited for sports and fitness-minded individuals, thanks to the two buttons on the side: a power button and a function button, which help you operate the watch more easily.

2. 5ATM water resistance

The killer feature of Uwatch GT is the 5ATM water resistance, which means the watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes and you have nothing to worry about when wearing it in daily life or swimming. This feature can only be found in expensive high-end watches before

3. Up to two weeks’ battery life

With the help of power-saving chipsets and Bluetooth 5.0, the Uwatch GT has one of the longest battery life for smartwatches out there, with up to 2 weeks, even if you have heart rate monitoring as well as other basic features enabled. As your exercise partner, it’s great to have a reliable smartwatch that keeps tracking your sports.

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4. All-day heart rate monitoring

The Uwatch GT is a user’s always on-call health advisor providing all-day physical status information to help them develop healthy living habits and lifestyles. The smartwatch allows users to see their heart rate and monitor bradycardia and heart failure.

5. Smart sports mode to help you train better

The smartwatch comes with 12 sports mode that tracks what kind of activity the user is taking part in, such as running, cycling and more. And it supports Google Fit to give you credit for all your moves and provide a holistic view of your health.

6. Flagship features, budget price

Unlike some other flagship smartwatches taking you $150 or more, with similar great features, UMIDIGI Uwatch GT will be just $39.99 on AliExpress on Thanksgiving day, 28th November.

UMIDIGI Uwatch GT will start global sales soon at a discounted price of $39.99 on 28th November and the promotion will last until the end of Cyber Monday sales. In case you miss the sale, you can add it to your cart on AliExpress right now. Lastly, UMIDIGI is already running a big giveaway to recruit 10 trial users for Uwatch GT. You can see all the specs and join the giveaway here.

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