Forget the Galaxy Fold!, Microsoft Surface Duo is a safer bet design-wise

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Microsoft Surface Duo

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The Galaxy Fold from Samsung has been on everyone’s lips lately following its second coming. The is rolling out to a number of countries already at about $2000, and at that price, one would expect a near-perfect device. However, the Fold is still far from been free of blemish as one of the “updated” review units has already failed. While a single unit isn’t enough ground to trash the Fold once more,  Redmond Giant  -Microsoft at an event today unveiled what could be seen as a better and safer alternative to the Galaxy Fold. Welcome the Microsoft Surface Duo – a Foldable smartphone that runs Android OS out of the box.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold with a single flexible display, the Microsoft Surface Duo features two displays with a hinge joining them, allowing it to open like a book. The Duo is, in fact, more or less a smaller, and pocket-size Surface Neo laptop.

Microsoft Surface Duo

It features two 5.6-inch displays capable of making 360-degree movements. The Surface Duo unfolds to an 8.3-inch tablet form factor, and in that mode, you can place calls like in regular smartphones. Microsft on stage says the two displays can independently run two different apps at the same time, or you can use the second display as a keyboard or game controller while it is in the portrait mode.

Microsoft Surface Duo

The  Surface Duo boots Android OS out of the box and is powered by the Snapdragon 855 SoC. It has Google Play Store and runs Microsoft Launcher. While Surface Duo looks like a less fragile option than the Fold, it remains to be seen how durable the hinge could be since it will be getting a number of open and close movements per day.

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Microsoft Surface Duo Price, and release date

Sadly, we might not see a market-ready anytime soon, as it is slated to go on sale later in December. Pricing and roll out details will be announced later. Let your voice be heard – which do you prefer – the Galaxy Fold or the Microsoft Surface Duo?

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