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Alleged Xiaomi Mi Mix 3S gets certified by CMIIT

A new and upcoming Xiaomi smartphone has been spotted on the database of the CMIIT (China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). The device bears the M1908F1XE model number, and from the parameters available, it is a 5G enabled smartphone. It will reportedly launch as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3s.

Xiaomi made the submission to the ministry on July 25th, and only got approved recently. The exact identity of the device remains unknown, though there are speculations it could the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Others also speculate that the newly approved phone could be a mild upgrade to the Mi X 3 – the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3s.

While both are plausible options, the Mi Mix 3s looks more like it, given that the codename is similar to that of the Mi Mix 2s launched back in 2018. The 2S has the M1803D5XE model number.


Mi Mix 3s details

Other than the model number, and the 5G network support,  there isn’t much else revealed about the device itself.  And assuming the Xiaomi phone with the M1908F1XE model number turns out to be the Xiaomi Mi mIX 3S, it is plausible it could launch in August as indicated by the number 19 and 08 in the model number.

The Mi Mix 3 launched with the SD 845 under its hood, but Xiaomi already updated the device with the Mi Mix 3 5G released earlier this year. The Mix 3 5G has the SD 855 under the hood, but the Mi Mix 3S could come with the latest Snapdragon 855 onboard.

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Details are scarce now, but more will be revealed in the coming days.