Reality Check: Half of Mobile phone users just talk and text

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GSMA Intelligence has released a shocking and an interesting study result  of mobile users around the World that shows the the pattern of mobile phone usage among population.

The GSMA’s Global Mobile Engagement Index (GMEI) looked into how people engaged with their phone and then placed them in one of four different groups depending on their score.

The Global Mobile Engagement Index users study group include: aficionados (the most engaged); pragmatists; networkers; and talkers (the least engaged).

Result of the talker group caught our attention the most . The study revealed the talkers group which constitute a whooping 47%(projected to decline to 29% in 2030) of  the study group only use their for voice and text services making one wonder why the hue and cry for smart phones with millions of cores , dual cameras , curved display and even those with as much as 8GB RAM .

As surprising as this may sound , the increasing number of feature phones coupled with  regional, age and tech literacy gives more credence to this.


You can get the detailed Report here:

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