Auto-Reply to Phone Calls

How to Auto-Answer and Auto-Reply to Phone Calls on Your iPhone

Mobile phones have become the most used thing in our society today. These devices are widely used and accepted in virtually all. From the most basic things at home to a lot more complex things…

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Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

How To retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Your Phone

Text messaging isn’t just a function in our mobile phones today. It has become a part of our day-to-day activities. From texting colleagues to texting lovers and receiving texts from banks and other corporate institutions….

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How to play Youtube Videos in Background on your Phone

YouTube is Google’s streaming platform having about 5 billion videos watched by different individuals every day. YouTube contains more music than any music vendor platform on the internet. The platform has about 400 hours of…

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Cancel Quibi

How to cancel your Quibi Subscription

With the rise in the use of mobile devices, most companies are offering mind-blowing services with compatibility for mobile users. One of such services is streaming of mobile screen optimized video streaming platforms. Quibi is…

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Netflix Error

10 Netflix Error Codes and How to fix them

Chilling is BAE. Guess why Netflix is BAE whenever you think of chills. Smiles, by BAE I mean Before Anything Else. Yeah, if you’re a movie lover, Netflix is your go-to hub. However, once in…

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delete your gmail

How to Delete Your Gmail Account Without Deleting Your Google Account

Whether you’re concerned about your online privacy, want to streamline your email accounts r simply do not wish to receive any of those newsletters, spams, and advertising emails that keep flooding your inbox, Google Gmail service…

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giphy alternatives

3 GIPHY Alternatives for Sharing GIFs after Facebook acquisition

Facebook – the American social media and technology company based in Menlo Park, California recently announced the acquisition of the GIF-making and sharing website Giphy. The deal which is worth over $400 million means the social media company…

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How to schedule a ZOOM meeting

If you work from home like most people and organizations around the world now do, chances are that you’ve heard about Zoom,  the leading video conferencing software apps on the market right now. While it…

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How to schedule Meetings On Microsoft Teams

Working with a team? Time and punctuality is a watchword to help keep your business ahead of competitors. Today, I’ll be sharing with you how to schedule meetings on Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft Teams is…

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